Do smartwatches really need data plans?

plan for your smartwatch

Do you currently have a smartwatch and if so, have you ever considered purchasing a service plan for it? Depending on your lifestyle, a data plan is probably not necessary for you. Some phone service providers want to rope you into another monthly expense, but here at Twigby, we believe in saving you money. In most instances, you honestly don’t need a service plan for your smartwatch, so put that money back into your wallet!

Does a smartwatch need a service plan?

Unless you’re someone who often does activities that requires you to leave your phone behind, such as an avid surfer, you more than likely don’t need a service plan for your watch. For starters, they are expensive to activate. Carriers just want you to get a service plan for your watch so they can make more money. At Twigby, we do not offer service for smartwatches because you don’t need it. Your watch getting connection from your phone through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is all you need. This is much more practical than getting an expensive service plan for the watch.

Most smartwatches don’t need data plans unless they’re standalone smartwatches with cellular connectivity capabilities. Even then, a data plan isn’t necessarily required for you to use the smartwatch. Smartwatches use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection from your phone. This allows you to access calling, text messaging, music, apps, and other features. Adding a data plan gives you a few extra perks. However, is in no way necessary for you to utilize most features on your smartwatch.

Also, this decision only applies to select smartwatches. Not every smartwatch can have a data plan. When purchasing a smartwatch, let’s take the Apple Watch for example, there’s the GPS version and the GPS + Cellular version. The GPS version will not support a service plan at all. So, it is expected that you to stay within 33 feet of your phone to connect to your phone. The watch will work and have connection from your phone through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Why a service plan on a smartwatch would not be ideal for you

If you are typically within 30 – 33 feet of your phone and have it near almost everywhere you go, then getting a plan for your smartwatch is probably a waste of money for you. When you have your phone on you, the smartwatch will use your phone’s Bluetooth to access your apps, make calls, send and receive texts, notifications and more all from your wrist. With a service plan, you would need to pay for the data that your smartwatch uses every month. This extra monthly charge is not cheap. By using the free built-in Bluetooth on your phone, you can still benefit from a smartwatch without being locked into another contract AND expense.

As mentioned above, smartwatches that have cellular ability are pricier than the watches that don’t. If you always have your phone with you, there would be no need to buy a pricey cellular smartwatch model when a regular smartwatch would suffice. Avoiding a service plan would save you on the upfront investment of a smartwatch and on the monthly data charges as well. That’s a win-win!

Service plans on watches are being offered by more and more phone providers. Depending on your lifestyle and budget, a service plan for your smartwatch may be an unnecessary expense. If you are like the vast majority of people and typically have your phone with you, don’t worry about getting a service plan for your smartwatch. Increase those savings by getting a Twigby plan for your phone and then simply connect your smartwatch to your phone via Bluetooth!

At Twigby, we provide affordable cell phone service using the nation’s largest and most reliable network. The best part is you get to create your own plans based on your needs! See how much you can save by switching to Twigby.

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