iPhone Parental Controls Just Got Easier

Has your kid been asking you for a smartphone because “everyone has one”? Believe it or not, answering that question just got easier. Apple’s iPhones have many settings that allow parents some control over their child’s phone. These include blocking in-app purchases, requiring a passcode to download an app, etc. But now, there are even more iPhone parental controls with Apple’s iOS 12.

This software update includes new features that helps parents be more aware of how their kids are using their devices. Best of all, you won’t have to dish out the big bucks for the newest iPhone to get this update. It will be available on previous models which you can buy for a lower cost from Twigby. Below, we’ll discuss some of the great new parental controls that will help you rest easy with the idea of getting an iPhone for your kid. Continue reading “iPhone Parental Controls Just Got Easier”

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Best Cell Phone Choices for Kids

When it comes to finding the best cell phone choices for kids, many parents may not know where to start. Do you want your child to be able to text you and their friends? Will you want them have internet access with a smartphone? There are so many factors to consider. At Twigby, we understand that there is not a one-size-fits-all cell phone for kids. The first phone you pick for your kid will depend on what you as the parent believes is best for your kid. At Twigby, you have plenty of affordable options when selecting your kid’s first phone.  Continue reading “Best Cell Phone Choices for Kids”

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Get Double the Cell Phone Coverage with Twigby

Getting quality cell phone coverage is one of the main concerns people have when switching cell phone carriers. It is a common assumption that if a company is offering low prices, you won’t be able to rely on their cell phone coverage. At Twigby, we are here to prove that assumption wrong. In addition to having coverage on not one, but TWO networks, Twigby offers a customized phone plan made by you to meet your needs and more! We focus on providing the most value at the lowest price. Continue reading “Get Double the Cell Phone Coverage with Twigby”

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Save Money on Cell Phone Bills with Twigby

Let’s face it, we’re all tired of wasted monthly expenses that we know can be reduced. This holds especially true for the cell phone bill. Why not put more money back into your wallet by switching to a cell phone service provider who actually wants to help you save? We focus on delivering the most value at the lowest price. At Twigby you’ll get coverage on two of the nation’s most dependable networks, custom plan, and more. Plus, with no contracts or hidden fees and awesome customer service, you’ll have no compromises. Keep reading to find out how you can save money on cell phone bills by switching to Twigby. Continue reading “Save Money on Cell Phone Bills with Twigby”

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The Best Cell Phone Plans for Kids and your budget – only from Twigby

Choosing the right cell phone to get your kids can be a big enough challenge on its own. Many parents often find it even harder to decide which plan from what company is the best option for their young ones. There are certainly many companies and plan options to choose from. But many plans are downright expensive, often stuffed with more than your kid needs – especially on a first cell phone. If not that, they’re full of activation fees, line access fees, etc. Since we like to welcome every value-seeking shopper, we’ve put together a selection of our best cell phone plans for kids. With these plans, you can select the right plan for your child.

Continue reading “The Best Cell Phone Plans for Kids and your budget – only from Twigby”

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Twigby Reviews: See What Our Customers Have to Say!

If you’ve been here before, you’ve probably heard it. If you haven’t, let us introduce you to our mantra of customer service:

“Customer Service is our first and second priority.”

How could this be? Simply put, nothing comes ahead of our customers and their satisfaction. After that, we look again into making Twigby even better for them! Additionally, we are always sure to treat those who aren’t customers (yet!) as if they are already part of the Twigby family.

This dedication is manifested through our U.S.-based customer support team. Every single day they work hard to make sure that contacting us is simple, efficient, and painless for you. Because of this daily effort by the chat team, we see monthly satisfaction ratings through the roof.

Customer service doesn’t stop with the support team though. The rest of the team at Twigby works hard to be sure that each phone shipped has been tested thoroughly in order to guarantee the best quality at the lowest prices.


While we could go on and on about ourselves, let’s instead turn to those who keep us going: our customers. Check out what they have to say about Twigby!

“Better service and lower costs. I would recommend them to anyone considering switching.”
–Rich S., FL

“Having a phone is a lot of responsibility, and Twigby allows me to teach how to handle responsibility without putting a lot of financial burden on the family budget.”
–Amanda, WI

“Once I found out that the plan I wanted would cost literally half as much from Twigby as the plan I previously had…it was easy to convince me. My only regret is not making the switch sooner!”
–Will S., MI

“There was nothing to lose by switching. Customer service is the best! I asked 100 questions before I switched and each rep was kind and patient even before I was a customer.”
–Anna E., AZ

Twigby consistently receives high scores in all aspects of customer satisfaction. See more on our Twigby reviews page. To many, it seems that reliable customer service is hard to come across, especially at a wireless company. But by putting our customers first AND second we break the stereotype of the industry. Make the switch to Twigby now and experience the difference yourself.


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