You Asked, We Answered: How Do I Add a Line In My Account?

We hear a lot of questions from Twigby customers on how to add a line to an existing account for their spouse, family member, or child. The short answer is that it is quick and easy, all the while helping you save money in the long run! Whether it’s time for your child’s first phone, or you simply want all your family’s phones on one account, Twigby has you covered. Traditional family plans are simply overpriced and usually do not meet the needs of every member of your family. At Twigby, you can choose a plan for each member of your family based on their needs, rather than having an overpriced, one size fits all family plan that everyone must share.

Bring the Entire Family

At Twigby, each member will have their own plan. To see all of our plan options, click here. Because everyone has their own plan, your family won’t have to worry about who is using up all the data. Twigby’s plans cater to everyone’s needs from the minimal data user to the heavy data user. Twigby is perfect for the dad who needs extra data because he uses his phone for work projects, for the kids who hardly need data because they are almost always connected to Wi-Fi, and for anyone else in between. And best of all, you’ll never be without data since all Twigby plans unlimited 2G speeds if all your data is used during any given month.

Getting Started

If you are an existing customer and you want to add a line to your Twigby Account, simply log into your Twigby account and click on “Add A Line” to add lines to your account. Parents, if the only members of your family using Twigby are your children, stop and do your wallet a favor! By joining Twigby yourself, you will see those savings increase drastically. Plus, it’s much easier to manage the entire family being on one account.

If you are not a Twigby customer yet, you can easily create an account here. After creating your account, begin by selecting to either purchase a phone or bringing your own phone to Twigby. From there, you’ll be able to choose your plan and then continue with line 2, 3, etc. It’s just that easy!

Have More Questions?

If you need more in depth details for adding a line, visit here to get step-by-step instructions. You can also chat with a Twigby agent who will help walk you through the process. Twigby U.S. Based live chat agents are available to help any and all questions you may have. Start chatting now!

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