"I love my Twigby cell phone, and the price is right for what I need."
By Bessie L. from New York

"This cannot be beat for the very low monthly price! I love my phone and Twigby service!"
By Johnny S. from Florida

"The value is terrific. Same service as the big guys for 1/3 the price."
By Robert T. from Arizona

"Excellent prices. Wish I would have found twigby earlier. I could have saved $10 a month."
By Christine S. from Pennsylvania

"I love the price and that there are no contracts."
By Kathleen S. from Iowa

"Half the price of my old carrier with more minutes, just as reliable and great coverage."
By Michael G. from Nebraska

Great for Kids

“The coverage and price is exactly what we needed for our son’s first cell phone.”
By Emily S. from South Carolina

“I love the price. We were trying to figure out a way to afford phones for my teenage daughters, so I’m glad a friend recommended you!!”
By Michele R. from Wisconsin

“You provided a solid basic flip phone and an excellent basic plan for two kids aged 9 and 10 which have multiple after school activities and ride the bus. I LOVED the possibility of just giving them the option to call me without extras. Exactly what I was looking for and was worried I wouldn’t be able to find!!”
By Arabella C. from Maryland


“I love the fact that I can make my own plan. I never use data so why should I be charged for it? Twigby gives me this option. I am glad I made the switch.”
By Barry P. from Wisconsin

“The best thing about Twigby is being able to customize the data & calling plans so I'm only paying for service being used.”
By Tonto K. from Wisconsin

“I like that Twigby is affordable for virtually anyone and that each customer’s plan is tailored to their needs.”
By Cecilia L. from Texas

“I like the ability to make changes to my plan online at any time.”
By Frank P. from Illinois

"Able to choose how much data I need. I got my first iPhone at a great price."
By Andrew W. from Illinois

“I like that all plans include unlimited text, and that you offer overage protection.”
By Rebecca S. from West Virginia

Customer Service

“I enjoy having good customer support for once. It’s so nice to be able to ask anything.”
By Luke H. from Minnesota

“Answered all of my questions. Very friendly. Very patient. Very responsible.”
By Jacqueline S. from Louisiana

“Excellent phone. Excellent price. Have used online chat for customer services. Prompt response and problem solved.”
By Kay C. from Mississippi

"The low price and the excellent customer service ... You can actually get someone who knows what they're doing, Quickly!"
By Larry H. from Florida

“I like your Customer Service chat option - much more efficient and useful than having to call and be on hold!”
By Pat M. from Tennessee

Senior Friendly

“It’s nice due to the fact that my phone doesn’t have to have the touch screen which is easier for a senior citizen.”
By Ila G. from Michigan

“The support and service including chat and email have been outstanding! Being a senior the price is perfect. Thanks!”
By Jim H. from Tennessee

“I like the low monthly rate. I like that Twigby considers older Americans, for a change. I like the no-contract thing!”
By Patrick G. from Michigan

"Price, customer service, reliability. I have had no dropped calls either at the house or in the car. I say at the house because my daughter has trouble getting a signal here. She has promised to switch her phone and her children's phones over to Twigby once their contract is up in a couple months."
By Ricky T. from Texas