Setting up Google Play Store Parental Controls for Kids

The Google Play Store offers so many apps. It’s not an exaggeration when they say there is an app for everything. As a parent, you could be concerned that your child will have access to apps or other content that is not appropriate. Another worry could be that your child may go on a spending spree on games and apps. Rest assured, the Google Play Store does have great parental controls that can be set up to prevent those kinds of situations from happening. At Twigby, we feel it is important that parents are informed about the Google Play Store parental controls. Continue reading “Setting up Google Play Store Parental Controls for Kids”

Experiencing the Twigby Customer Satisfaction Difference

Having a quality wireless phone provider that you can trust to work doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. At Twigby, our goal is to always strive to deliver more value for your dollar. We do this by providing highly affordable prices on custom phone plans and cell phones. As a Twigby customer, you get coverage on the nation’s largest and most reliable network, free unlimited texting, International Calling and more. Plus, with no contracts or hidden fees, you’ll have no compromises. See how much you could be saving by making the switch to Twigby. Continue reading “Experiencing the Twigby Customer Satisfaction Difference”

Best Cell Phone Choices for Kids

When it comes to finding the best cell phone choices for kids, many parents may not know where to start. Do you want your child to be able to text you and their friends? Will you want them have internet access with a smartphone? There are so many factors to consider. At Twigby, we understand that there is not a one-size-fits-all cell phone for kids. The first phone you pick for your kid will depend on what you as the parent believes is best for your kid. At Twigby, you have plenty of affordable options when selecting your kid’s first phone.  Continue reading “Best Cell Phone Choices for Kids”

Managing Your Wireless Phone Account is a Snap at Twigby

There are some things in life you can’t control such as the weather or how much traffic you’ll hit on your way home from work. Your cell phone plan shouldn’t be another item on that list. However, many cell phone service providers would rather make it difficult for you to make changes in an effort to limit your ability to spend less. With Twigby, you have the ability to change and customize your plan how and when you’d like it to best suit your needs. We give you the tools to change your plan, turn off your voicemail, or even add a new line to your account among many other tasks. Managing your wireless phone account has never been easier! The best part is that you can do this at any time through our online Self Care portal or our Self Care smartphone app.

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Replacing Your Phone Made Easy at Twigby

We’ve all been there before – something happened to your phone and you need to replace it. Either it got stolen, it’s lost somewhere at the bottom of a lake, or you dropped it and now the phone won’t function because it’s damaged. Or maybe it’s been so long since you’ve had your phone now and it’s just that time to finally get a new one. At Twigby, we’ve made it easier for you to order a replacement phone with our phone replacement program, regardless of your situation.

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Price Comparison Apps: Here Are the 4 We Think Are the Best

At Twigby, we are always looking for useful apps that can help save our customers time and money! Who doesn’t want to get the most for their hard-earned dollar? With price comparison apps, you can quickly compare prices, whether from your home or at the store, to help you get the best price by making sure you know the best prices for the items you’re looking for.

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