It’s A Good Time To Upgrade Your Old Phone. Here’s Why.


There comes a time for all cell phones where we need to face the music and realize it is time for an upgrade! Perhaps your phone will no longer update to receive the latest features, the battery may not hold a charge as well as it used to or you are tired of the crack in the screen. Maybe your phone just has noticeable wear and tear at this point or simply put – you’re ready for a change!

Yet normally an upgrade on a phone is a necessity. This can be due to changes in technology, the age of the phone or a recent mishap that damaged the phone. Your phone is how you stay connected, and that is especially important this year.

If you are looking for a budget priced smartphone that is packed with the latest features, Twigby makes it easy to find the phone that is just right for you! You can get a fantastic phone for less than $200!

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Plus, while you’re looking to upgrade your old phone, it may be a good time to consider updating your phone plan.

New Twigby Smartphone Value Plans

With these plans, new and existing Twigby customers with either an iPhone or Android Smartphone can save even more if they typically use over 2GB of data a month. Twigby’s Smartphone Value Plans allow you to enjoy all of the same features as you would when creating your own plan. This includes mobile hotspot, international calling and texting, Wi-Fi calling and more! Twigby Customers can change their current plan to one of the Smartphone Value Plans by simply logging into their Twigby account.

Why did we add these plans?

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, our customers are our first and second priority, and we really do take into account what our customers relay to us. Many of our customers have asked for more affordable data options yet did not want to lose the flexibility that we offer. We took this to heart and created what we believe to be the most affordable, high quality smartphone plans in the industry. Just click the button below to take a look at the new plans.

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If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your phone that has seen better days, there has never been a better time. Get a good-looking phone just in time for the new year, and save on your monthly plan cost too.

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