Your TwigbyDeals Holiday Guide

At Twigby, we don’t just help you save a lot on your cellphone service, we offer big savings on other things such as groceries, clothes, insurance, and more through our exclusive discounts program, TwigbyDeals. Being a Twigby customer comes with great perks, and access to TwigbyDeals is one of the best! TwigbyDeals has hundreds of exclusive discounts on top name brands.

We are always looking for ways that can help our customers keep more money in their pockets. With that, we have hand-picked the best TwigbyDeals for the holidays that we think may give you the most bang for your buck. From travel, to entertainment, to food, the holidays bring on lots of expenses. Let us help you save so you can spend less time focusing on your finances and more time with the ones you love. These are just a few of the many deals that are offered through our discounts program, which allows you to save big on both major purchases and everyday essentials. To take advantage of these deals and many more, simply visit and sign up.


Whether you are flying overseas or driving cross-country, travel expenses can quickly add up. However, with Budget-Rent a Car you can save big while renting a vehicle. Twigby customers can enjoy savings of up to 35% off when renting a vehicle from a participating location. Budget Rent a Car has 1,420 locations across the US and many more across the globe. This is a discount worth taking advantage of if you plan on traveling by car this holiday season. Log into TwigbyDeals to see if this offer is valid at a location near you.

Along with transportation discounts, TwigbyDeals has you covered when it comes to lodging as well. Twigby customers can receive up to 20% off the best available rates at participating Wyndham Hotels & Resort Properties. Whether you are looking for an all-inclusive resort, upscale hotel, or a budget friendly alternative, Wyndham has you covered. With over 9,000 locations worldwide, Wyndham will have a perfect hotel for your travel needs at a great price. See Wyndham discounts here.

Grocery and Fuel Discounts

For many people, the holidays are about enjoying great food with your loved ones. However, as the price of living continues to increase, these special holiday meals can really drain your pockets. Then there are the fuel prices that seem to always be going up. Memberships at wholesale warehouses can really come in handy by giving you more bang for your buck.

Costco is known for its low-price bulk shopping, generous return-policy, and high-quality merchandise. To shop at Costco, you must have a membership. Via TwigbyDeals, join Costco as a new member, enroll your member account in auto-renewal, and you will receive a $30 Costco Shop Card (gift card). You can choose from either the Executive Membership or the Gold Star Membership when signing up. The Executive Membership is $120/year and comes with the most benefits. This plan includes two membership cards, 100% satisfaction guarantee, access to Costco Connection Magazine, access to Costco Service Discounts, and a 2% annual return of up to $1,000.

The Gold Star Membership plan has the best everyday value. This plan gives members a 100% satisfaction guarantee and two membership cards at only $60/year. No matter what membership you choose, on average gas is 5 to 25 cents lower at Costco’s fuel center. Savings vary slightly between locations, but the amount of money you save on gas per year can more than cover the cost of your membership. Membership cards can be used at any warehouse worldwide and on Costco’s website. Click here to check out this amazing deal!

On the other hand, if you think you’d prefer Sam’s Club instead, there is a great offer for you! For a limited time, you can get a Sam’s Club Annual Membership for as low as $19.99. When you buy this year long membership, you can expect to receive great perks along with amazing quality and low prices! Club members can take advantage of Sam’s Club Credit, Instant Savings, free health screenings, daily “Tastes & Tips” sampling demonstrations, and members-only savings on fuel. Your grocery trip can also be a breeze with their Scan & Go checkout feature. Scan as you shop and pay from your phone, no need to wait in a lengthy checkout line. Snag this deal here.


Keeping your kids and family members entertained is an important task during the holidays. It’s sometimes hard to find games, tv shows, and movies that are appropriate for everyone. The Disney Movie Club can help you stay stocked up on movies for all ages. If you join now through TwigbyDeals, you will receive 4 movies for the price of $1 and a special gift along with this qualifying purchase. Once you are a member, they’ll send you the most anticipated Disney movie and an optional exclusive lithograph every 4 weeks. If you don’t want it, choose a different movie, or skip it altogether. With your membership, you have access to special discounts and merchandise that you can take advantage of at any time. You can view this deal here.

Just as the holidays can be stressful for your family members, they can be just as stressful for your furry friends. If you must leave your canine companions at home during the holidays, you can ease their anxiety with DogTV. You can sign up now for just $6/month for 3 months. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this deal because it can get you through Christmas and New Year’s! DogTV is a 24/7 channel with content that has been scientifically developed to provide the perfect company for dogs when left alone. Through years of research by some of the world’s top pet experts, programs were created to cater towards a dog’s sense of vision and hearing and supports their natural behavior patterns. Your dogs will be less likely to develop stress and separation anxiety when you aren’t there. See this DogTV deal now!

We hope that you can take advantage of these great deals this holiday season. Along with these amazing discounts that will help you make it through the holidays, TwigbyDeals offers hundreds of savings on items that could make the perfect gifts for your family, friends, and coworkers! So, as this year comes to an end, make sure is on your radar to help you get the best bang for your buck.

At Twigby, we provide the most affordable cell phone service that uses the nation’s largest and most reliable network. The best part is that plans start at just $5/month. Check out our plans for yourself!

*Disclaimer: Deals mentioned in this article are current as of 11/28/2023 and may change or expire at any time.