Best Free Smartphone Chores Apps for Family Organization

Do you have trouble keeping up with a chore chart – either for yourself or your household? It’s easy to lose track of updating a physical chore chart as other aspects of your life get in the way. Without an efficient chore and allowance system, exhaustion and frustration can rule your home. Chore apps can help you keep you and your family organized, so you can spend less time planning and more time doing. These apps are easy to use and update. Since most people these days are always on their phones, you are less likely to lose track of your chores when using an app. With that, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite free chores apps to help you stay organized while teaching your family time management, personal and financial responsibility, and independence.


S’moresUp was designed to help parents save time when it comes to family planning, organization, and rewarding. This app is great because it is highly customizable which makes it a great choice for families with different needs. Once a parent enters in all the household chores that their family has, the app will take that information and use its “ChoreAI” machine learning system to delegate the tasks. Children receive rewards when tasks are completed on time or a penalty when they are not. Other features include a collaborative family planner and a family network component known as Family Campfires.

Family Campfires are an opportunity to connect with members of your extended family on the app as well as a way to share tips and tricks with other parents in the community. S’moresUp is free to download, but once downloaded you get free access to the premium features for 45 days. With the premium version, you have access to even more features.  These features include: Advanced Chore Scheduling, MoneyWise for Kids, Penalty Management, Auto Allocation of Chores, Reward Approval, Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports, etc. This app is perfect for anyone who likes to take customization into their own hands while being a part of a larger community.

Download on iOS or Android

Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer also has a free and paid version of the app depending on your needs. The free app has many great features such as a color-coded calendar, shopping lists, to do lists, and a recipe box. Along with keeping up with important games, events, and appointments, the calendar is also great for sending daily email briefs to family members. The calendar can also be synced up with work calendars, school calendars, and team schedules. Unlike the other chores apps mentioned above, Cozi Family Organizer stands out with its Recipe Box feature.

This allows you to keep track of all your recipes in one place so that shopping and cooking is a breeze. The whole family shares one account that everyone can access using their own email address and the shared family password, which is great for kids of all ages. When you purchase the premium version, you get an ad-free version of the app along with additional features such as calendar search, birthday tracker, and shopping mode. This app is great for any family that wants a little extra help staying organized and well-prepared without needing a reward or incentive system.

Available on iOS and Android is a great choice for anyone who needs an organization app just for themselves. If you need an app that helps you stay organized and well-prepared but without all the collaborative features mentioned above, is perfect for you. It’s the ultimate combination of a task list, calendar, planner, and reminders all-in-one app. This app will send you reminders at a particular time, a set location, or even on a recurring basis so that you never miss a thing. is perfect for keeping all your tasks, projects, and lists in one place because it syncs effortlessly between mobile, desktop, tablet, and web.

On top of that, the app syncs your phone’s calendar, google calendar, Facebook events, outlook calendar, or any other calendar so that you never miss out on an event. This app is simple to use without any complicated bells or whistles that other chores apps make you pay for. Voice entry allows you to easily speak what is on your mind and it will be added to your to-do-list immediately. has an intuitive drag and drop feature so that you can organize your tasks quickly. You can then easily swipe to mark your to-do’s as complete, and then by shaking your device, you will remove completed tasks from your list.

Available on iOS and Android


In Conclusion

When life gets hectic and you lose sight of things, chores apps can be a great tool to get back on track. These apps are great for families and kids of all ages. We hope that these free apps save you time, frustration, and money!

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