Welcome Wi-Fi Calling and Texting to Twigby

Here at Twigby, we are always listening to our customers’ needs. That is why when you asked for Wi-Fi calling and texting, we delivered. We are excited to offer this amazing feature to our customers at no additional charge. All you need to start using this feature today is a phone that supports Wi-Fi calling and texting. This feature is easy to enable and can help you stay connected when traveling abroad or in areas with weak signal. Keep reading to learn more about this new addition to Twigby!

What is Wi-Fi Calling and Texting?

Wi-Fi calling and texting allows you to make and receive calls and text messages using a Wi-Fi network with your existing Twigby phone number. Wi-Fi works within the range of your router, and you do not need a cell signal. Using a Wi-Fi signal to send texts, make calls, and start video calls is like having another whole network to use!

Why Do You Need It?

This feature is great to use in situations where you find yourself with unpredictable service or travelling outside the U.S. Having a weak cell signal can happen for a variety of reasons that are out of anyone’s control. Texting from a basement, trying to call inside a newer metal building, and living in a rural area can all affect your cell signal. In these situations, using Wi-Fi calling and texting would help you avoid dropped calls and unsent text messages.

Along with the situations listed above, this feature can help you stay connected when traveling abroad. While abroad and connected to Wi-Fi, your phone will work just like it does in the U.S. You can call and text numbers in the U.S. without paying an additional surcharge. Then to call numbers outside the U.S., just be sure to place the call like you would stateside. You can learn more about international calling here.

Is Wi-Fi Calling and Texting Free?

Yes, this feature is free to use for all our customers.

How to Enable This Feature?

If you have a phone that supports Wi-Fi calling and texting, then you will see it available in your phone’s settings. Please note that in order for Wi-Fi Calling and Texting to work where no cellular connection is available (such as traveling abroad or in a remote area) , it must be turned on while you are within network coverage prior to your arrival to the area with no coverage.

On Android Phones

Tap on Settings. Then within the search box, type in Wi-Fi calling. Your phone should display the feature within your settings. If not, you can check Mobile Networks or Internet or Connections. The labeling of this setting can vary depending on the model of the phone you are using. Next, look for the Wi-Fi calling setting. On some newer phones, Wi-Fi calling functionality can be installed if they are offered by your phone manufacturer through a firmware update. If you do not see Wi-Fi calling under your phone’s settings but you are using a newer device with LTE capability (typically devices released in 2015 or later), research your phone model number to see if Wi-Fi calling is available and if a firmware update is required.

On iPhones

Wi-Fi calling functionality is available on most newer iPhones (iPhone 6S or later). To see if your iPhone has Wi-Fi calling, tap on your phone’s Settings. Then tap on Phone and choose Wi-Fi Calling. Toggle on “Wi-Fi Calling on This Phone”. If a prompt appears after this, choose Enable. From there, you can check that your emergency address is up to date.

Have Any Questions?

If you are having any trouble with Wi-Fi calling and texting, you can chat with a Twigby live agent for further assistance by clicking here. Our support team is top notch and will get you up and running in no time!

Wi-Fi calling and texting

Wi-Fi calling and texting is easy to set up, free of charge, and can help you stay connected in many different types of situations. So, what are you waiting for? Start using Wi-Fi calling and texting today, and if you aren’t already a Twigby customer, now is the time to switch!

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