Affordable Cell Phone Plans for the Whole Family

Finding affordable, high quality cell phone service for the entire family that doesn’t lock you to a long-term contact can be a difficult task to complete. Maybe you’re thinking of looking for a “family plan”? One thing you deserve to know, family plans are overpriced and usually do not meet the needs of everyone in your family. Just because it’s called a “family plan”, that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice out there for you and your family. On top of that, they typically lock you into a contract one way or another. At Twigby, we don’t have family plans or contracts. Instead, we reinvented the family plan. Rather than making you choose one overpriced plan that your whole family is supposed to share, each person in your family has their own individual plan. Plus, Twigby’s affordable plans provide huge cost savings compared to any family plan you may find.

How Twigby Works for the Entire Family

At Twigby, each person in your family will either build their own plan or choose one of our popular plans. No one is sharing one plan like a typical family plan. Each family member has their own individual plan based on their needs. That way, dad has the data he needs for work, and the kids have the data they need for entertainment. Your family won’t have to worry about who is using up all of the data because each member will have their own. Twigby’s plans can fit everyone’s needs, from the minimal user to the heavy user. For the heavier iPhone and Android users, we recommend our very popular unlimited talk, text, and data plan. If you just want a basic talk and text plan, we have no data options as well. Traditional family plans are far overpriced for what you get. Let Twigby meet each family member’s needs while saving you tons of money at the same time!

How to Get Started

If you are not a Twigby customer yet, easily create an account here. After creating your account, choose to add a line by purchasing a phone or bringing your own phone to Twigby.

If you are an existing customer and you want to bring your whole family to Twigby, simply log into your Twigby account to add new lines. Parents, if the only members of your family using Twigby are your children, do your wallet a favor. Join Twigby yourself to see those savings increase! Plus, it’s much easier to manage the entire family being on one account.

In addition to having affordable plans that fit your needs, there is much more to love about Twigby. At Twigby, you get coverage from the nation’s largest and most reliable network. Plus, all plans include free international calling and texting making it easier to stay in touch with loved ones who aren’t nearby. Don’t forget about free hotspot for everyone with a capable phone, which is handy when you have little ones who are antsy to get on the iPad or tablet when away from Wi-Fi. If you have Wi-Fi, but are in a hard to reach area with limited cellular, Twigby still has you covered. Wi-Fi calling and texting is free to use and easy to set up; learn more about this feature here. With no hidden or extra fees, expect nothing but savings and satisfaction from Twigby. To learn more about how much your family can save, simply click the button below.