Here’s What a Strong Commitment to Customers Looks Like

Since the inception of Twigby, we’ve always had the goal and desire to put our customers first. We do this not just in the ways in which we save our customers money but, also in the ways in which we can make the experience of being a Twigby customer the best it can possibly be. After all, your cell phone service is an ongoing experience, and its reliability must be in step with our daily lives.

To achieve this goal, we work tirelessly to ensure our systems are running at peak performance and that our customers are satisfied with their Twigby service. The results speak for themselves.

We’re very happy to say that Twigby customers continuously rate their satisfaction with our service to be extremely high month after month. Just take a look at the scores from our most recent Twigby customer satisfaction survey.

So, how do we go about making sure our customers get the best wireless experience possible? It’s a combination of great people, great service, and great prices, all backed by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Twigby Live Chat – A world of knowledge, just a click away

When we were designing the Twigby website, one thing that we all agreed upon was the absolute necessity of having a robust live chat feature available for customers and shoppers to quickly speak with a Twigby representative. Nobody wants to sit on a phone tree waiting for the next representative to be available. No, we had a different idea. We set out to staff our support team with highly qualified and experienced live agents who could assist customers efficiently and effectively.

As the number of chats on our site has continued to increase, our rock-solid support team has continued to maintain an incredible satisfaction rate (97% satisfaction in the last 30 days at the time of writing) and a first response time of approximately 30 seconds! This translates into Twigby customers getting the help they need, at a fraction of the time that a traditional wireless carrier could provide. Now, that’s customer service.

Incomparable Coverage

Even though it’s 2017, bad cell phone coverage still exists for many wireless carriers. Clear connection, fewer dropped calls and faster download speeds make everyone happy. However, not everyone has a cell phone service that gives them access to reliable cell phone coverage at a price that they can afford. That’s why Twigby gives its customers access to the nation’s largest and most reliable network, ensuring our customers have great coverage wherever they go at a fraction of the price of most cell phone providers.

You can instantly see your coverage by visiting our easy-to-use coverage page.

Passing Great Savings Onto our Customers

Did you know that the average American spends over $1,000 per year on their cell phone bill? We think that’s, for lack of a better word, crazy. There’s simply no reason why a cell phone bill should be upwards of $50, $60, $70, even $80 a month for one line! With the goal of offering high-quality, low-cost cell service in mind, Twigby has been intentionally designed as an online only company – allowing us to pass our savings onto our customers.

We’ve left behind the costs of storefronts, retail employees, and everything else that comes with operating a brick-and-mortar operation. Instead of still charging prices comparative to our largest competitors, we simply pass the savings onto our customers, allowing for low monthly rates, no unnecessary activation fees, and no monthly contracts. Now, our customers can use the money they save on their phone bill towards things they enjoy doing. Wouldn’t you like it if your wireless company gave you a break every now and then?

Giving Customers the Ability to Earn

You read that right. Not only do we help our customers save money on their phone bill each month, but we also provide an option for our customers to earn money with our new Referral Rewards program! We know one of the best forms of marketing is word of mouth, and with so many satisfied Twigby customers, we figured they should earn for spreading the word about us.

So, we designed a Referral Rewards program that lets our customers refer as many friends and family members as they’d like, all while earning credit towards their next phone bill. Plus, the referred friend earns credit towards their phone bill within 45 days of activation. We call it a “win-win-win” situation.

30-day Satisfaction Guarantee – Not just a saying

As mentioned earlier, cell phone service is usually a very personal experience for most cell phone users. Because of this, it can take a lot of time before you feel comfortable enough with switching your cell service, especially if you’ve been with one of the “big four” carriers for any amount of time. However, Twigby customers rest easy in knowing that our service is backed by a simple, no-nonsense 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

So, what’s in our guarantee? Well, it’s straightforward and honest.

“If a customer, for any reason, is not completely satisfied within 30 days after activating service, Twigby will refund the cost of your plan and any taxes/fees.”

We’re so confident in our service, we give this guarantee to every Twigby customer.


It’s time to start asking your wireless carrier what they can do for you, and not the other way around. At Twigby, we were founded on the idea to be customer-centric, and we’ll never lose sight of that commitment. Our customers have continued to speak and only have great things to say about Twigby. For that, we are grateful and satisfied knowing the work is worth it. If you’re looking to switch to a cell service that cares about you, you can get started with Twigby now.