iPhone users rejoice! The Twigby Self Care App is now available on Apple’s App Store

twigby self care app for iphones

As part of our ongoing commitment to create the best possible experience for our customers, we’ve been hard at work developing our Twigby Self Care App for smartphones and tablets, making it even easier to login to your Twigby account and view your present and past bills, check out your current usage, and much more. Now, we are proud to say that the Twigby Self Care App is not only available for Android users in the Google Play Store, but also available for iPhone users on the App Store!

As an iPhone user, here’s what you can expect

Besides more of the same great Twigby service, you can expect to reach your online account faster than ever, with just one click.

Simply head to the App Store or iTunes on your iPhone and search for “Twigby” or “Twigby Self Care.” Once you find the Twigby Self Care app, marked by our smiling logo, hit download to begin your installation. It should only take a few seconds to download the app onto your phone.

Login with your Twigby account4screen696x696

This could go without saying, but to use the Twigby Self Care App, you
need to have a Twigby account set up. What another great reason to switch today…

Once you tap the Twigby icon, you will be asked to use the email address and password associated with your online Twigby account to login to the Self Care App.

And once you’re inside, get ready to finally experience the power to control your cell phone service that you’ve always dreamt about.

The Twigby Self Care App gives you full, secure access to your Twigby account, 24/7. View your plan information, make changes, check your account balance and pay your bill anytime and anywhere. Monitor your voice, text and data usage, and even enable or disable certain features such as complimentary overage protection right from your phone.

Enjoy the benefits

Simply put, we want our customers to have control of their Twigby account at all times, and the best way to do this is to put that power directly in their hands. With the Twigby Self Care App now available for iPhones, all Twigby customers using smartphones have the ability to download our free Self Care App and take control of their service.

Download the app from iTunesStore for free now.