A More Affordable Way To View Cell Phone Plans for Your Family

Many cell phone companies push their family plans with shared usage as the only way for families to use and manage their cell phones affordably. However, with these plans, all the lines on the account share one, larger pool of minutes, texts, and data. For example, a family of 4 might share unlimited minutes, texts, and data.

What’s the problem with this?

Well, not everyone in your family has the same needs. One person might spend all day texting their friends, and another person might only make 3 phones calls per month. With shared family plans, many users end up spending way too much on minutes, texts, or data they never use. At Twigby, cell phone plans for families are different. Read on to learn how.

How Twigby Plans Work for Families

Twigby plans are simple: each phone has its own plan on one easy to manage account. The best part is that you get to build each plan to fit each user’s needs. Perhaps your teenager spends a lot of time texting with friends but rarely makes a phone call; we have a plan for that. Then there might be you who spends much more time talking on the phone and accesses the internet through WiFi a majority of the time; we have a plan for that. When you make the switch to Twigby, you can forget about activation fees and long-term contracts, because we don’t use unnecessary charges to advertise lower prices. With Twigby, what you see is what you get!


How You Customize Your Plans

To create your family’s personalized Twigby plans, you will create an account (if you don’t already have one) and be walked through steps to add your first line. After that, you will add additional lines to the account. To do this, you will simply log in to your Twigby account and click the “Add Phones” button. See specific steps at our Help Desk. 

For each line, you will start building the plan by choosing how many minutes you need. We offer options as low as $9 for 300 minutes, or if you spend a lot of time talking, you can opt for the unlimited plan for $13.

After that, you will pick your data option. While many cell phone companies make data a required part of your plan, that is not the case with Twigby. We don’t believe in making you pay for something you don’t plan on using, which is why we offer a No Data plan. However, many of our customers opt for the 1 GB or 2 GB plan. This gives the flexibility of internet access when you might need it without giving your kids a gateway to phone obsession.

Twigby Customers’ Favorite Features

Our customers are continuously reporting that their favorite part about their Twigby plan is that it includes unlimited texting completely free! Many parents have let us know that this is especially convenient for their teenagers. This also includes Unlimited Global Texting. We make it simple to text your friends and family living in different countries.

Plus, Twigby Customers can easily use Twigby’s International Calling to make phone calls to anyone living outside of the U.S. With Twigby, you can use your minutes to call numbers in the United States as well as the following countries at no additional charge.

Another one of our customers’ favorite aspects of Twigby is our Overage Protection feature. This is offered to all customers for FREE! Overage Protection is a safety net for those who might be nervous about overage charges. With Twigby, we put you in control of your plan, so if you don’t want to go over, you won’t. Simply turn on Overage Protection and you will never go over your monthly plan allotment. If you want to leave Overage Protection off, no worries—you still won’t get hit with any overage charges! You will simply be moved up to the next highest plan. The only charge is the difference in price between the two.


 Coverage You Can Count On

In addition to creating your perfect plan and our awesome reviews from current customers, there are many other reasons you should make the switch! You will be covered by  the nation’s largest and most reliable network, giving you the best experience possible.


Super Simple Self Care

On top of that, you can access your account online 24/7 with our Self Care tools. With this access, you can change many aspects about your plan anytime you need to. Believe it or not, we’ll even let you switch to a lower-priced plan. You can also turn Overage Protection on or off among many more settings. Read more about Self Care in our blog.

Customer Satisfaction is Our First Priority

Still not sure about making the switch? Don’t take our word for it. Our customer satisfaction rating is consistently at 98%, and our customer support team receives top-notch reviews. You can see more about what our customers and some websites are saying about us on our Reviews page.



Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Twigby offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. What this means for you is that you have 30 days to try out Twigby. If you aren’t 100% satisfied for any reason, the cost of your plan and any taxes/fees will be refunded.

At Twigby, we are proud to provide dependable and affordable plans that you customize for each member of your family. Because of this, we know we have the best family cell phone plans.

Get started today and see what you can save, or start building your own plan!