2020 Challenge: Create Your New Year’s Goal To Drastically Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

Whatever your New Year’s goals are, you know it’s time for a fresh start. If you are looking for better cell phone service, we have you covered with these simple steps to turn a want into a well-made decision to create a lower cell phone bill.

At Twigby, we pretty much take care of all the steps for you and take the hassle out of switching your service. No one makes it easier. This is the main reason our customer satisfaction and reviews are so high.

We really do care that our customers are happy with what they’re paying for. That’s why we would never lock you into an annual contract. Or for that matter, we would never make you choose from a set of cookie cutter plans. No… we prefer for you to have the ability to customize your own plan and not be locked into that decision for the next two years. At Twigby, as your needs change, you can alter your plan (up or down), without the extra charges along the way. And yes, you can keep your current phone number (without any bogus charge to do so) or get a new number that is local to your area. Twigby customers use not one, but two of the largest nationwide cellular networks. Twigby primarily operates on the Twigby network for talk, text, and data. However, if a customer ever finds themselves outside Twigby coverage, they are able to use the Verizon network for talk and text at no additional charge. All plans also include free unlimited global texting and international calling to 80 countries including Canada, India, UK, Mexico, and more. We make it simple to keep in contact with friends and family living in other countries.

Average Monthly Savings When Switching to Twigby

(Average monthly savings when switching to Twigby based on monthly savings calculator entries)

To see how much you could be saving by switching to Twigby, check out our savings calculator!


But how can Twigby be so affordable?

For starters, we are an online company. Because of this, Twigby can work to help you make smarter choices with your cell phone service. This is how we can offer plan prices and savings well below other companies. And the best part is our customers can use the money they save in 2020 for other things that are important to them, whether it’s fixing a leaky roof or a weekend getaway. As we all know, every dollar saved is a dollar earned!

Plus, with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured that you’ll have plenty of time to assess our service. No strings attached.

Well, there you have it. The New Year is approaching. Now you can mark one item off the to-do-list. Switch to a phone service you will love. Leave the high phone bill you hate.

From all of us at Twigby, we wish you all a happy and fruitful New Year.