Twigby Announces Half Price Phone Service Plans

Half Price

New customers that bring a phone number to Twigby will get 50% off their first 6 months of service.

That’s right! For a limited time Twigby is offering half price phone service. Twigby is keeping its good year rolling with an incredible offer that is designed for value conscious consumers in search of a new carrier. Starting December 2nd, all new customers that switch to Twigby and bring their number will get 50% OFF any plan, for the first 6 months of service.

Example of half price phone service plans:
10GB + Unlimited Talk & Text = $17.50 a month regularly $35

5GB + Unlimited Talk & Text = $12.50 a month regularly $25

3GB + Unlimited Talk & Text = $10 a month regularly $20

Twigby Plans

Here’s how to make the simple Switch to Twigby.

  • Sign up for service at and be sure to select to keep your current number
  • Activate service on an existing phone or wait for the new one to arrive
  • Offer is good through January 10, 2021. Limit 10 discounted lines per account

For more information or to sign up for this limited time holiday offer, simply click the Get Started link on

Why Switch to Twigby? We hoped you would ask.

Customer Satisfaction

Twigby utilizes two of the nation’s largest networks. This is ideal for those who want reliable coverage while saving money without switching your network. The carriers handle all the tower maintenance, and Twigby passes on the savings to our customers. Plus, plans now start at just $4.50 a month with our half price phone service offer and have no contracts, gotchas or hidden fees!

Twigby also offers a straightforward 30-day risk-free guarantee so that you can be confident in your decision to switch. Plus, we are proud to say that we maintain a 98% customer satisfaction rating!

“Twigby is excellent all around! Great rates, great phone deals and great reception! Absolutely NO regrets from choosing Twigby!”
-Twigby Customer Angie from Ohio

How much do you spend on wireless per month? Are you currently paying more than you need to for an unlimited plan? Most people don’t use that much data. If you are only using 2GB or even 9GB, you shouldn’t be paying for a plan you don’t need. See how much you could save at Twigby with our half price phone service offer.

What phones will work with Twigby Phone Service?

At Twigby, we do allow users to bring their own phones, so there is a good chance your current phone will work with Twigby! You can easily check your phone’s compatibility by clicking here. 

If it is compatible, you’ll be guided through our simple check out process. However, if it is not compatible – no need to worry, we have great phones at even better prices. Plus, if you need any help along the way, click the orange “Chat Now” button on the bottom of our page, and one of our awesome support reps will be glad to assist in getting you activated!

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