Savings and Service: Get Low Prices and Highly Rated Customer Service with Twigby

Getting quality customer service is one of the main concerns people have when they are considering switching wireless phone providers. However, it is a common assumption that if a company is offering low prices, you won’t be able to rely on their customer service. We’re here to tell you exactly why that ISN’T the case with Twigby!

Here’s How We Do It

Twigby customer service is different than most and is far superior. At Twigby, we embrace technology when it is for the better. With this, we offer support through live chat. For you, that simply means clicking “Chat Now” (during live chat hours), telling us a bit about yourself, and being connected to a member of our customer support team within seconds. This method is essentially the same as instant messaging or texting.

On our side of things, we have a team of customer support staff members (real people!) who are ready to chat with you and help get your questions answered quickly. When you click to “Chat Now,” they will receive a notification and begin helping you as soon as they are available. On average, our customers only wait 33 seconds to begin chatting. Yes, you read that right, 33 SECONDS, not minutes!

What Makes Chat Better?

Often, when you need customer support, you simply have a few quick questions. If your only option is to call a general support line, you will likely have to go through a plethora of phone prompts then wait on hold for the next available agent. Once you’re connected, you must explain your situation, problem, or question to the representative. After that there is a good chance you will be transferred to a different department, and you start this process over again. All this just to ask a simple question.

When you connect to Twigby’s live chat, you can rest assured that your representative is well-trained in all aspects of Twigby to help you with almost any situation. There’s no need to be on hold with three or four different departments or to have to ask your question over and over.

We all live very busy lives, and you probably don’t have time to drop everything to schedule and make a call to your cell phone company. With live chat, you can chat while doing other things online, such as paying your bills, checking your email, or catching up on your favorite streaming network.

The ability to send the chat transcript to yourself is a key feature with online chat. We’re willing to bet that the most common phrase in telephone customer support is, “Are you able to write this down?” Don’t worry, you won’t need to with chat! If we give you any important information you’ll need to remember later, simply select to have a copy of the chat emailed to you! This adds another level of flexibility to chat. You can still receive and save information while at work, the coffee shop, or anywhere else where you might not have a pen and paper with you. Long gone are the days of writing down case or confirmation numbers on a napkin and trying to remember what they were for later!

What Our Customers Think

Month after month, Twigby Customer Support receives very high customer satisfaction ratings. We also survey our customers to make sure we are keeping up with our end of the bargain. Check out what our customers have to say about our customer service!

“My favorite thing about Twigby is the low price and the excellent customer service…you can actually get someone who knows what they’re doing, quickly!
–Larry H. from Florida

“This is my first experience with friendly customer service for any kind of telecommunications product in 20 years.”
–Catherine T. from Pennsylvania

“I like your customer service chat option – much more efficient and useful than having to call and be on hold!”
– Pat M. from Tennessee

“Customer service gets an A+ for behavior and attitude. Polite and professional the entire time.”
–Bob D. from Nevada

“The customer service chat is convenient and quick. Love it!”
–Kari D. from Michigan


The Best of Both Worlds

Why pay a premium for good customer service? You won’t have to with Twigby. Get quality coverage and service with plans starting at $9 per month. See—you still get the savings you deserve without sacrificing customer service. Sign up with Twigby today to see what it’s really like to have the best of both worlds!