Never Pay for More Than You Need

Finding a cell phone plan to fit your family’s needs can sometimes feel like a wild goose chase. One carrier offers the right number of minutes you need, but they might only offer it with more data than you’ll use. Another option might have the correct amount of data, but then not enough minutes. Then you end up paying for things you don’t need. At Twigby, we understand that your life may not be the same each month, so why should your cell phone plan be? Twigby plans are built differently because we don’t believe you should ever pay for more than you need.

How Twigby Plans Work

When you choose your initial plan from our options, you are essentially setting your starting point for the month. We will notify you via text and email if you use 50% of whichever plan you chose and again if you use it all. If you’ve used all of your starting plan, don’t worry! Your connection won’t be lost, nor will you be hit will any kinds of fees for using more than the plan. Rather, with Twigby, you can simply choose to move to the next plan. The only charge to you is the difference between those two plans. For example, if you’ve already paid $9 for the 300-minute plan, you’ll only be charged $2 more to move to the 500-minute plan. Plus, we will continue to notify you of usage as you move up!

When more minutes (or data) are added to you account, you are notified again if you use 50% and 100% of those. This helps keep you in check with your usage to help keep you bill within your budget. If you’re curious about your usage in addition to these notifications, you can log on to your Twigby Self Care account at any time to see how many minutes or how much data you have left.

If you don’t want to pay more than you chose for your starting point, don’t worry, you won’t have to! Twigby gives you the control to decide your ending monthly price with free Overage Protection. This locks you in to the plan selected, and it won’t let you go over. Or, if you’ve stepped up a plan or two this month, but don’t want to go over budget, you can turn your Overage Protection on during the middle of a month too. You can turn Overage Protection on or off at any time from your Self Care Account.


Make the Most of Twigby’s Plans

With Twigby’s plans, you can start small and choose to have your plan grow with you. You can set the lowest plan as your starting point for the month. Then, just use your phone as you normally would. You will only be charged for how much you use.

We know that some months are busier than others, so you might use more minutes or data. Why should you have to pay for more every month when you don’t need it every month? Your plan will match your usage month by month.

Also, with Twigby, you aren’t locked in to a long-term contract for a high-priced plan. On your lighter months with Twigby, you could be paying as low as $9. Even in your busier months, our highest price is $43, which is lower than some starting prices of others! Don’t forget, unlimited global texting is free with EVERY plan. Additionally, unlike some pay-as-you-go phone plans, our largest plan for minutes is a truly unlimited plan. Twigby won’t break the bank, no matter your budget.

Twigby fits all walks of life

Sometimes, families have a hard time finding a plan that best suits their needs, because most other carriers want to put everyone on the same family shared plan. While this seems efficient, phone plans are not “one size fits all.” Each member of your family has different needs and usage patterns. Twigby works great for your child’s first phone, teaching responsibility while keeping you connected with them at a very affordable price. It works for seniors who may be out and about more in one month than the next. It works for everyone in between. Twigby works for YOU!


Get started with Twigby today, and stop paying for more than you need.