Save Money on Cell Phone Bills with Twigby

save money on cell phone

Let’s face it, we’re all tired of wasted monthly expenses that we know can be reduced. This holds especially true for the cell phone bill. Why not put more money back into your wallet by switching to a cell phone service provider who actually wants to help you save? We focus on delivering the most value at the lowest price. At Twigby you’ll get coverage on the nation’s largest and most reliable network, custom plan, and more. Plus, with no contracts or hidden fees and awesome customer service, you’ll have no compromises. Keep reading to find out how you can save money on cell phone bills by switching to Twigby.

Getting Started with Twigby

Twigby’s plans are ahead of the game. Unlimited U.S. and global texting is free with all plans, and you simply just choose the starting amount of minutes that will be needed. Then, you’re given the option to add on a data plan. That’s right—it’s an option! The best thing about our plans are that they are flexible and very affordable. Twigby’s plans are built by you to save money on cell phone bills because we believe you should never pay for more than you need.

Plus, don’t forget about Twigby’s FREE Overage Protection. When overage protection is turned on, you won’t be able to go over any of your minutes or data. This helps save money on the bill and prevents charges you didn’t budget for. If you decide to have overage protection turned off, you will simply be moved up to the next plan when going over your threshold. When it’s time for the bill, you will only be charged the difference between the plan you originally chose and the plan you got moved up to.

Twigby Phones

If you’re looking for a quality phone at a value price, Twigby has you covered. Twigby offers an array of phone options.

If you’re already in love with your current phone and would rather keep using it, there is a good chance that you c bring your phone to Twigby! Check to see if your phone is compatible to use at Twigby using our online checker.

Keep Your Phone Number

With Twigby, you can keep your current phone number or you can get a new phone number. It is a really simple process. During checkout is when we’ll ask you if you’re using an existing number of if you would like a new one. From there, we handle the rest! Be sure not to cancel your current plan until after you have successfully switched to Twigby. This ensures that you keep your phone number. Learn more about transferring your number.

Saving Never Stops

On average, families can save $94.89 each month when switching to Twigby. That’s over $1,100 a year! Want to know how much you could save by switching now? Find out how you can save money on your cell phone bill by using Twigby’s Savings Calculator. Simply select how many lines your family will need. Next, choose your current provider. Then, you’ll see bars correlating with the amount of lines you selected. For each family member, use the slider to estimate how many minutes and how much data he or she typically uses in a month. This will help determine which of Twigby’s plans will be the best fit for each specific line. After that, you’ll enter the cost of your current bill and click the orange “Calculate” button to see your results!


What Our Customers Think

At Twigby, our customers are first and second priority. So, it is important that we provide the best wireless phone experience possible. Our customers continually rate us extremely high for overall customer satisfaction.

But don’t take it from us, check out what our customers have to say!

Customer-Testimonial-100x100-44“Twigby has the cheapest plans and the nicest selection of available phones.” – Eric K. from IL


Customer-Testimonial-100x100-51“I’m paying $30 less AND have a second line, which I did not have under my old plan. I needed a phone for my mom, who only needed cell service and no data. TWIGBY gave me that option at a more than reasonable price. And if I ever need data on her line, it is a quick inexpensive change!” – Dina P. from AZ


Customer-Testimonial-100x100-71“Custom plans to reduce wasted monthly expense.” – Matthew G. from MI


Customer-Testimonial-100x100-117“Twigby’s pricing structure was the first thing that attracted me. I liked the idea of only paying for what I was actually using. After finding out that I would have great coverage I was sold.” – Noah D. from WI

Customer-Testimonial-100x100-168“Twigby offered everything we needed and great savings. We were paying $140/mo for 2 phones with our previous carrier. We wanted to cut back on unwanted extras and yet have plenty of talk/texting time. Twigby has what we need and our monthly bill was reduced to $51.12. We are so pleased to have our needs met at such savings.” – Sally S. from NE

Customer-Testimonial-100x100-91“We have been very pleased with the price I am paying for the service I get with Twigby. I think if everyone knew what they could save with Twigby it would be the number one cell phone company! I especially like the new added perks with Twigby that allows me to pay the same monthly fee and get more of everything!” – Marilyn B. from GA

Customer-Testimonial-100x100-65“Twigby had the best options for both unlimited texts, flexible calling and data options, and a great selection of phones to purchase.” – Belen R. from WI


Customer-Testimonial-100x100-76“Best prices, inexpensive phones, multiple choices!” – Joshua P. from Mo


Customer-Testimonial-100x100-234“I have 3 different phones on my plan and my phone bill is less than half what I was paying before, even with double the data!” – Sandi W. from MI


Risk Free 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Join us today to see firsthand how you can save money on cell phone bills. We are so confident you will love our service that we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee! If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, Twigby will refund the cost of your plan and any taxes/fees. Sign up today and see what Twigby is about!