Managing Your Wireless Phone Account is a Snap at Twigby

Managing your wireless phone account

There are some things in life you can’t control such as the weather or how much traffic you’ll hit on your way home from work. Your cell phone plan shouldn’t be another item on that list. However, many cell phone service providers would rather make it difficult for you to make changes in an effort to limit your ability to spend less. With Twigby, you have the ability to change and customize your plan how and when you’d like it to best suit your needs. We give you the tools to change your plan, turn off your voicemail, or even add a new line to your account among many other tasks. Managing your wireless phone account has never been easier! The best part is that you can do this at any time through our online Self Care portal or our Self Care smartphone app.

Change Your Talk/Text Plan

Many cell phone companies lock you into a contract where you will be getting the same plan for up to two whole years without the option to change it. At Twigby, we understand that things change, and sometimes those changes affect your cell phone usage. We give you the ability to log in to Self Care any time to change your talk/text plan. There is no fee for doing so, only the difference in cost if you’re changing to a higher plan. We don’t just limit you to upgrading. If you find that you aren’t using all of your minutes, you can even save a few dollars by switching to a lower cost plan as well.

Change Your Data Plan

Just like you can change your talk plan at the drop of a hat, the same goes for your data. Many people are unsure of how much data to choose for their monthly package, and it’s an especially tough choice for those who are using a smart phone for the first time. Twigby Self Care allows you to rest easy knowing that if your data needs change, you can change it for next month.

Conserve Data by Limiting Data Speeds

Many people are happy with the data plan they chose, but no matter how hard they try, they always use it up before the month is over. Twigby offers the perfect solution to this common problem. Within Self Care, you can change the speeds at which data is used on your phone. Within this setting, you can limit your data speeds to 64 kbps, 128 kbps, 256 kbps, 512 kbps, 1 mbps, or 5 mbps. When this setting is turned off, your phone uses data at the max speed of which it is capable. When opting for a lower data speed, you can conserve your data to last a bit longer through the whole month.

Turn Overage Protection On or Off

Have you ever received the bill for your cell phone and been surprised by overage charges? At Twigby, you have the option to avoid these charges altogether by using free Overage Protection. With Overage protection on, we won’t let you go over the limits you set for yourself in your plan. And if you turn it off, you will be bumped up to the next talk or data plan, but the only charge will be the price difference between the two. No additional fees! This is a free service offered by Twigby, and yet another one that puts YOU in control through Self Care.

See Your Usage

We don’t believe in paying for minutes or data you don’t use. Because of this, Twigby gives you a way to know how much you’re using! To see how many of your minutes or data megabytes you are using each month, log in to Self Care. Many people use this feature to see if they are using most or all of their plan. If you find yourself consistently using less, you can change to a lower plan. When you log in to Self Care, you will see how much is left for the billing cycle.

Turn Your Voicemail Off or Back On

Do you hate checking your voicemail? Do you have that one person who’s always saying, “Did you get my message?” Don’t worry, with Twigby Self Care, you can turn your voicemail completely off! This setting does not affect your calls at all, and it won’t be mindless ringing all day. After a set number of rings, the phone call simply drops off from the caller’s end. You are notified of a missed call, but there is no voicemail to worry about checking. If you currently have voicemails in your inbox, be sure to save them if you want to keep them; turning off your voicemail will delete the voicemail box and will not save any messages in it.

Turn the Access to Hotspot Off or Back On

Have you ever needed to connect a device to the internet with no WiFi to be found? Many of our Twigby phones offer a Hotspot feature. This will give your other devices such as a laptop or tablet access to the internet via your Twigby phone. While the ability to turn the hotspot on or off is managed on your phone, some of our customers have found that their children are using too much data through hotspot. In Self Care they can simply turn off the ability to access this feature on the phone to prevent this.

Turn Your Data Off or Back On

Many of our customers find the ability to turn off data handy for restricting usage on children’s phones; we all know kids get in trouble every now and then. You can choose to turn the data off for any of your phones. You can then turn it back on whenever you choose. This is also a great tool if you lose your phone. You can restrict these components while you can’t find it (in case it’s landed in the hands of the wrong person). Then, you can turn them back on once it’s back with you. Please note that this will only impact cellular data and not block access to available wi-fi networks.

View Bill and Purchase History

If you like the idea of going paperless, but you also like to save your bill statements, we have the perfect solution! Your entire bill history is accessible through Self Care for you to go back and look through at any time. If you like, you can also choose to download these as a PDF file to your computer. This allows for printing if you need a physical copy. You can also view all purchases made on your account such as SIM cards and new phones.

Customization is Key

At Twigby, we know our customers value the customization they get when building their plan. The Self Care portal takes that customization one step further by putting the control of managing your wireless phone account back into your hands.