iPhone Parental Controls Just Got Easier


Has your kid been asking you for a smartphone because “everyone has one”? Believe it or not, answering that question just got easier. Apple’s iPhones have many settings that allow parents some control over their child’s phone. These include blocking in-app purchases, requiring a passcode to download an app, etc. But now, there are even more iPhone parental controls with Apple’s iOS 12.

This software update includes new features that helps parents be more aware of how their kids are using their devices. Best of all, you won’t have to dish out the big bucks for the newest iPhone to get this update. It will be available on previous models which you can buy for a lower cost from Twigby. Below, we’ll discuss some of the great new parental controls that will help you rest easy with the idea of getting an iPhone for your kid.

Screen Time

One of the new parental control features in iOS 12 is Screen Time. Screen Time shows you the daily and weekly activity reports of your child’s iPhone. The report shows how much time is spent on the phone and how much time was spent in individual apps. Parents can have their child’s Screen Time available and managed on their own iPhone by setting up family sharing through Apple.


Inside of the Screen Time options, iOS 12 also introduced a parental control called Downtime. Downtime gives parents the ability to schedule blocks of time when the iPhone can’t be used. Good times would be at bedtime, school, or other times the phone isn’t needed. During Downtime, incoming notifications from apps will not be displayed. The iPhone does still operate as a phone during downtime, so your child will have calling access if an emergency were ever to occur during Downtime.

App Limits

App limits is another feature with iOS 12. With this feature, you can set a limit of how much time can be spent in an individual app for the day. A reminder notification occurs telling your kid how much time is left in the app for the day as well. If you set an app limit on your kid’s phone and they run out of the time allotted, more time can be requested to continue using the app. This feature works great as a reward system for kids who complete a school project early, do extra chores, etc.

Additionally, you can set certain apps to always be allowed, even during downtime or after a time limit has been spent. You might want some apps to always be available to your child such as the  alarm clock or iBooks.

To further apply limitations, you can give your child access to only apps, websites, and movies you deem appropriate for them. For example, you can put a restriction on your kid’s phone to prevent movies with specific ratings from being played. These parental controls are done in your kid’s iPhone Settings under General > Restrictions.  As a parent, you set the restrictions and make any changes with a passcode.

iOS 12 Compatibility

Any phone that can run iOS 11 can also run iOS 12. You do not have to worry about needing to buy the latest iPhone for your kid to utilize iOS 12 and its features. All of the iPhones available in the Twigby phone shop will be able to update to the latest software. This means you can still purchase the iPhone 5S, 6, or 7 from Twigby for a reasonable price or bring your own iPhone and then update to iOS 12!


More Parental Controls

Figuring out when and what kind of cell phone to get your kid is always a tough decision. With Apple’s iOS 12 update, Twigby’s flexible phone plans, low prices, and great iPhone options are just right for you and your kid. At Twigby, we understand that you will want to limit your kid’s phone usage and data while teaching them the responsibility that comes with a smartphone. This is why we offer flexible plans that you can customize based on how much you decide is needed. You get to choose how many minutes and how much data your kid will get. Plus, every Twigby plan includes free texting!

Twigby’s Self Care is where you can manage your account. Online or in the app, you can view your plan information, make changes, check your balance, pay your bill, and more. You also can monitor your calling, texting, and data usage. We offer free Overage Protection on phone plans too. With Overage Protection, you can monitor your kid’s phone usage to have control of your monthly bill. When Overage Protection is turned on, exceeding the data plan you chose is prevented, and there are no surprise charges on your monthly bill.

With the latest technology comes the latest in parenting, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Although not all kids are ready for a smartphone (which is why Twigby still offers basic phones), Apple is bridging the gap to make this transition easier on parents. The parental controls mentioned are great tools every parent can take advantage of. Apple’s iOS 12 and Twigby are the perfect combination to stay in control and be budget friendly when deciding to get your kid a smartphone.


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