How to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill With 5 Helpful Tips

No doubt cell phones are an essential part of our everyday lives. Unfortunately, the monthly cost of a cell phone bill can get out of hand especially considering there are many other monthly expenses that are just as important. It is possible to lower your cell phone bill though. Keep reading to learn how you can keep more money in your wallet and lower your cell phone bill using the following 5 helpful tips.

Ditch the Contract and Stop Financing Your Phone

Let’s face it, contracts and financing your phone should be a thing of the past at this point. If they tell you you’re not on a contract but you’re financing your phone – you’re on a contract and they just don’t want to call it that. A contract is a binding agreement. You are bound to the cell phone provider when you finance your phone for 2 years because you can’t leave the provider until you pay that phone off in full.

Every bill for the next two years is heavily increased when you finance your phone. Not only that, but the cell phone provider will also probably make you get on an overpriced data plan. They pull you in with the phone financing. Then they give you no choice but to pay for an expensive plan that more than likely includes way more data than you need. Also, what happens if you lose or break your phone? You still have to pay off the remaining balance left over from that phone. That’s even more money out of your pocket because you’ll have to pay the remaining balance of the old phone and buy a new replacement phone.

Don’t fall victim to contracts, 2-year phone payment plans, and overpriced data plans. One of the simplest ways to lower your cell phone bill is to just pay for your phone outright. It can save you a lot of money in the long run.

If you are currently in the middle of a 2-year contract, you should be able to get out of it. It may just take some effort. You should be able to break free from the contract by paying your phone off early. Not only would you be free from the contract, but you may also be saving more money because of any interest that they may have been charging you for financing your phone. If you don’t pay your phone off and cancel while you are still under contract, you could be subject to early termination fees from your provider. That’s even more money down the drain. So, pay your phone off early to get out of your contract. From there, your monthly bill will be less. Then, you may be able to change your plan to a less expensive one if they made you get on a more expensive plan because that was the stipulation of your contract. Even better, instead of paying for their probably still expensive plans even after you get out of the contract, try bringing your phone and phone number to an affordable cell phone provider such as Twigby Mobile. You’d be amazed at how much you could save.

Only Get a New Phone When You Need to

Do you really need a new phone? It can be tempting to get the newest phone that comes out every year especially if you’re with one of the big wireless providers on a contract financing a phone, you finally pay the phone off, and then you’re eligible for an upgrade (which will just put you right back on an expensive contract and phone payment plan). However, cell phones are made to last for years, especially with a quality case protecting it. If you take care of your phone, you can keep it for years and save money since you’ll find yourself not having to replace it for a while. You should wait until your phone really needs to be replaced before getting a new one.

The 2-year contracts, phone financing, and phone upgrades are how the big cell phone providers keep you at their fingertips. The cycle of upgrading and financing your phone every 2 years keeps you in a contract, making it feel like you have no choice but to stay with them and constantly shed money on a new phone.

Stop Overpaying for Data You Don’t Use

It’s a given that the more data your phone plan has, the more you are paying. To avoid overpaying for data you don’t use, you need to understand how much data you typically use every month. From there, you can pick the right data plan based on your needs. For example, let’s say you really only use about 2GB – 5GB a month. Don’t keep paying for anything more than 5GB if that’s the case because you would be paying for data that you don’t need and don’t use. To see how much data you are using, you should be able to log onto your current provider’s website or look at your bills and search for a section that shows usage. For exact instructions on how to do this for Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, click here.

Plus, using Wi-Fi as much as possible is another way you can lower your cell phone bill. While your phone is on Wi-Fi, it doesn’t use the mobile data that would be deducted from your plan. Oftentimes, it’s rather easy to stay connected to Wi-Fi given Wi-Fi is usually available at home and at most places you may frequent such as the store, restaurants, coffee shops, the gym, etc. The more Wi-Fi you use, the less data you will need and the less data that you will in turn have to pay for.

Update Your Service Address

It’s important to keep the service address listed on your account up to date. The taxes and fees on your monthly bill are based on where you live. Taxes do vary from state to state and within your local area too. If you moved, there’s a chance that you could save some money and lower your cell phone bill by updating your service address.

Lower Your Cell Phone Bill by Switching to Twigby Mobile

To be honest, you can do everything we listed, and some cell phone providers will still charge you way too much. With that, it may be time to consider switching to an affordable provider that you can trust such as Twigby Mobile.

At Twigby Mobile, we offer coverage from the nation’s largest and most reliable network. That’s right, you can get the same network but at a much lower price. Plus, contracts don’t exist, and we don’t tie you to any sort of phone payment plan. You can bring your phone number and your compatible phone over or purchase a phone from us. When you purchase a phone from us, you can either pay for the phone in one full payment or pay for it with interest-free payments with PayPal. No inflated monthly payments here. You also don’t have to wait a whole 2 years to be eligible to upgrade your phone if anything happens resulting in the need for a new phone. You can get a new phone whenever you need to.

Our plans start at only $10 a month. Whether you are a low data user or a heavy data user, we have different plans to fit everyone’s needs and budget. No more having to overpay for an expensive unlimited data plan when you don’t need unlimited data. It’s simple. If you use less, you pay less! Take a quick look at our plans and see how much you could be saving by using our simple savings calculator.

When you switch to Twigby Mobile, expect excellent service from our coverage and plans to our customer support. Don’t take our word for it and see what our customers have to say for yourself here. Leave the contracts, phone financing, and inflated phone plan prices behind. Switching to a provider that charges significantly less is one of the best ways to lower your cell phone bill. Click the button below to see why Twigby Mobile is the best affordable cell phone provider for people who want to lower their monthly cell phone bill.