How to Find the Right Phone for Your Child and Budget

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The year 2020 has brought many changes and uncertainties in our daily lives. One of those is education and the upcoming school year. Schools are returning soon whether it be online or on site. It is more important than ever for your child to stay connected with their friends due to social distancing. With some schools using apps for keeping track of homework assignments, a phone may be needed for that reason as well. So, when considering your back-to-school checklist, it may be time to consider marking off a cell phone for your child this year.

Smartphones have become the leading device for keeping people connected to the world around them. And no, unlike the prices you will find at other companies, a smartphone doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg when you are on a budget. Some parents however prefer their kids to only be connected via calls and texting without an open portal to the internet. Yet, others believe their child is ready for the responsibility of a smartphone. Either way, Twigby offers both phone choices at very affordable prices. Having a phone and network that performs well is important, but that doesn’t mean it has to break the bank. So, a basic phone or smartphone… which is right for your child?

Basic (Simple) Phones: What You Should Consider

Although many people think that basic talk and text phones are a thing of the past, we find that these affordable and durable phones are still in demand as a functional way to stay connected. However, a basic phone can also be just right for those who don’t need, or want, the abundance of functions offered on a smartphone. You may also want to consider an easier to grip (smaller size) phone for younger children. Some of our feature phones even have parental controls so that you can choose and limit the phone numbers the child can contact.

For a better understanding of a basic phone, see the ones we currently have available in our store.

Here are some of the main reasons why parents consider and choose a basic phone for their child:

Keep it Simple. Communication Only

At first glance, a minimal internet connection might seem like a negative; but for others, this is exactly what they need. Also, basic phones are still preferred by some parents due to their affordability.


Without those sensitive and easily damaged glass screens, feature phones tend to last a lot longer than more fragile smartphones. This is the perfect solution for those who are prone to dropping their phone and do not want the added costs of replacing.

Battery Life

Still to this day, one of the main gripes about most smartphones are their short-lasting batteries. Typically, feature phones have much longer battery life than smartphones. This is because they aren’t busy running apps and browsing the internet all day. This may give you peace of mind in knowing that your child’s phone likely has a good amount of battery and is available in emergency situations.

Smartphones: What You Should Consider

The smartphone has become the leading device for keeping people connected to the world around them. If your family loves Apple’s iOS, then an iPhone may be the way to go, or perhaps the Android world is the better option for your child. Many parents also ultimately choose a smartphone because of the ability to install a GPS tracker app on the phone. This allows you to track the smartphone and know where they are. A feature phone’s GPS can only be used by safety personnel in the case of an emergency to find the phone. Screen time apps are also popular to limit the amount of time spent on the device along with safe browsing apps that are designed to block certain inappropriate content.

Here are some benefits of smartphones to consider before you decide to purchase:

Access to Internet School Sites and Apps

Today, staying in touch can mean many things beyond just calling and texting. Many school districts now use their website and/or an app to assign homework, post grades and communicate with teachers.

GPS Capability 

Having access to GPS is often handy for people from many walks of life, even beyond point-to-point direction assistance. There are apps that rely on this data. See the apps we recommend.

Camera/Video Quality

One of the most sought after features on a smartphone is a great camera and video recorder. This is one of the areas that smartphones have a considerable advantage to feature phones.

Which phone? … Decisions, Decisions

Still not sure if your child is ready for a smartphone? We get it. If you’re like us, you want to teach responsibility, set limits, and protect your child’s privacy. If this is the case, then we recommend choosing a low-cost feature phone as their first phone. If the time ever comes when you feel they are ready to make the switch to a smartphone, we’ve got plenty to choose from.

Do you feel like a smartphone is the best option for your kid, but you are still just a concerned parent? We can show you ways to limit the sites your child can view on their phone. Learn more here. From a budget perspective, our plans can also help ease those concerns. You can choose to have no data and use wi-fi only at home or set a data cap with overage protection on so they can’t go over data for the month. Your bill can really be as low as you want it. See all of our plans here.

Just sign into your account and add a line to your Twigby account to get started. Even sweeter, there’s no activation fee or contract! If you are not a Twigby customer yet, signing up is very simple.

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