Prepaid Cell Phone Plans: Why You Should Consider Ditching Your Postpaid Plan

Saving more money each month is a goal shared among many Americans. With costs continuing to rise across many industries and services, it can be difficult to keep up with the continually rising cost of living. However, there are options out there to help you cut your bills and keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket – especially right here at Twigby. One of the quickest and easiest ways is by ditching your cell phone carrier and opting in for customer-friendly prepaid cell phone plans. At Twigby, we not only provide prepaid cell phone plan options, but we let you build your own prepaid cell phone plan, giving you total control of your cell phone bill.

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iPhone users rejoice! The Twigby Self Care App is now available on Apple’s App Store

As part of our ongoing commitment to create the best possible experience for our customers, we’ve been hard at work developing our Twigby Self Care App for smartphones and tablets, making it even easier to login to your Twigby account and view your present and past bills, check out your current usage, and much more. Now, we are proud to say that the Twigby Self Care App is not only available for Android users in the Google Play Store, but also available for iPhone users on the App Store!

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Choosing Twigby for My Kid’s Cell Phone Needs

BREAKING NEWS: Kids Want Phones

My kids are pretty typical. They all want their own phone…yesterday. If you have kids, you likely know this and hear it every day. As the mother of tweens, I recently purchased two phones and activated service through Twigby. I thought it might be helpful to hear about my experience getting cell phone service for my kids.

I have a ten-year-old and a thirteen-year-old, and I am very concerned about staying within a budget. It is also very important to me that they learn responsibility, as their freedom increases. Twigby gives me lots of ways to meet my main concerns.

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Avoiding Overages Is Simpler Than You May Think

Keep Overages At Bay

Overages can be the worst kind of surprise. You assume you’ve stayed within your limits, but then your cell phone bill arrives and tells a different story. Many of us have experienced it to some degree, and we’re willing to bet that everyone would rather never experience it again.

How do you avoid overages? If you are locked into a contract, it is a little more difficult, however there are some simple steps you can take to reduce the chance of stepping over that line. If you are looking for a more flexible cell phone service, Twigby puts the power to control data in your hands like no other phone carrier.

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Bring Your Own Phone to Twigby

Can you BYOD?

You know you need better cell phone service, one that doesn’t bind you to a contract or charge you for services you don’t need. The idea of consistently saving money also appeals to you, but you aren’t ready to give up your current phone. Can you bring your own phone when you sign up for services? You won’t know the answer until you enter your MEID to check if your phone is compatible.

Is your phone compatible?

What is your phone’s MEID number? It is your Mobile Equipment Identifier and it is kind of like your phone’s driver license. Some older phones use the ESN (electronic serial number) instead of an MEID. At Twigby, we can activate your phone whether it uses an MEID or an ESN.

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How To Buy Mobile Service for Children and Tweens

Are you ready to explore mobile phone service options for your kids? 

Children are getting phones at younger and younger ages because parents understand the benefits of getting mobile service for them. Why are parents moving toward evaluating mobile phone service options for their kids? Safety and security are always at the top of the list. Parents and children both need to know that they can get in touch when they need to. Continue reading “How To Buy Mobile Service for Children and Tweens”