The Best Cell Phone Plans for Kids and Your Budget

Choosing the right cell phone to get your kids can be a big enough challenge on its own. Many parents often find it even harder to decide which plan from what company is the best option for their young ones. There are certainly many companies and plan options to choose from. But many plans are downright expensive, often stuffed with more than your kid’s needs – especially on a first cell phone. If not that, they’re full of activation fees, line access fees, etc. Since we like to welcome every value-seeking shopper, we’ve put together a selection of our best cell phone plans for kids. With these options, you can select the right plan for your child.

  1. Unlimited Talk and Text, No Data

Many parents don’t let their children have access to data right out of the gate. With data, children can use the internet, apps, and all the other features that come with a smartphone. This is why many parents choose no data plans for their child’s first phone. This means that they can still stay in contact with family and friends on a basic phone, but without worrying that they have unsupervised access to unsafe sites and apps. To get the most bang for your buck, we offer new customers unlimited talk and text for just $5 for the first three months!  This plan is perfect for staying connected to your family while using the nation’s largest and most reliable network!

  1. Unlimited Talk and Text, 2GB of Data

If your child is ready to access the internet through mobile data with a smartphone, then our $15 plan is the perfect place to start. It offers them unlimited talking and texting and 2GB of data which is perfect for browsing the internet on-the-go without going overboard. This is the perfect plan to help your children learn safe internet habits and practices if they are ready for the responsibility. Plus, right now when you make the switch, this plan is only $5/month for three months!

  1. Unlimited Talk and Text, 5GB of Data

Considering kids are almost always popping back and forth between school and home, they are usually around areas that offer Wi-Fi connection. So, splurging on unlimited data isn’t necessary. We think that 5GB of data is a great option for teens who may spend more time on their phones with work, school, sports, and other extracurriculars. For new customers, this plan is only $10/month for the first three months. Plus, if you think your child needs more or less data, you can simply bump them up or down in plan options.Twigby-Plans-Button-Image-410x340-3

Need an affordable and reliable phone?

Using a spare phone that you had lying around your house is a great option for your kid’s first phone. By using our compatibility tool and your phone’s IMEI number (think of it as a social security number for your phone), we’ll let you know if you can bring your phone to Twigby or not. If it is compatible, you’ll be guided through our simple checkout process for your free SIM card.

However, if it is not compatible, no worries! We have you covered with a wide selection of affordable smartphones. The low prices make these the perfect starter phones for kids.

Head to our phone shop page and begin browsing for the right phone for your kid. Here are some reviews on our favorite options: Galaxy A14, Moto G Pure, and Blu View 3.Phones-Button-Image-410x340-2

How can I keep my kid safe on their phone?

Parental controls allow you to keep your children away from inappropriate online content. Plus, you can set screen time limits, track their location, and manage the apps they are able to download. The parental control tool you will use is based on what kind of phone your child has. If your child has an Android smartphone, simply use Google Family Link. If your child has an iPhone, use the iPhone’s built-in parental controls. To learn about these tools, click here for iOS or Android.

We recommend parental controls as a great way to keep your children safe from inappropriate content while using their phone. But, if you need help determining what apps are safe for your kids, you can find a great selection on The Common Sense Media team has written a plethora of reviews that score apps based on their safety, adult-concepts, and more. This is a great resource to have when managing your kid’s safety online.

Twigby plans are the best fit for kids and tweens.

Twigby service plans suit many walks of life, especially the ones that understand that getting the most value for their money is a pretty good thing.  Even more, everything about our wireless service has been created to meet the needs and concerns of a value-seeking shopper. Because of our low plan prices, incomparable network and wide selection of affordable phone offerings, we believe that Twigby is a great choice for your kid’s first phone. Don’t take our word for it though, check out our reviews page to see what others are saying about our service.