The Best Cell Phone Plans for Kids and Your Budget

Best Cell Phone Plans for Kids

Choosing the right cell phone to get your kids can be a big enough challenge on its own. Many parents often find it even harder to decide which plan from what company is the best option for their young ones. There are certainly many companies and plan options to choose from. But many plans are downright expensive, often stuffed with more than your kid needs – especially on a first cell phone. If not that, they’re full of activation fees, line access fees, etc. Since we like to welcome every value-seeking shopper, we’ve put together a selection of our best cell phone plans for kids. With these plans, you can select the right plan for your child.

  1. Basic Phone. Unlimited Text with 300 minutes. No Data. $9 per month.

We are parents too, and many of us do not let our kids have access to data right out of the gate. Many parents prefer their kid not to have access to the internet, apps, and all the other features that come with a smartphone. Twigby offers basic phone plans that can certainly meet both yours and your child’s needs. To get the most bang for your buck, we offer an unlimited text plan with 300 minutes at just $9 a month! This plan allows your family to stay connected on their basic phone. Using the nation’s largest and most reliable network, Twigby ensures that you can always keep in touch with them.


  1. Smartphone. Unlimited Text with 300 minutes. 2GB of Data. $19 per month.

If your child is ready to access to the internet through mobile data, then our $19 plan is the perfect place to start. It offers them unlimited texting and 300 minutes. Add 2GB of data to browse the internet on-the-go without going overboard. Plus with overage protection, you can be assured that they don’t use more than you allow. This helps you not only monitor usage, but also keeps your budget in check. Another great benefit of giving your kid a plan that features data is the ability to install a GPS tracker app on their phone. This allows you to track their device to always know exactly where they are. We talk more about this further down the post.

  1. Smartphone. 500 Minutes and Unlimited Text. 1 GB of Data. $17 per month.

Considering kids are almost always popping back and forth between school and home, they are usually around areas that offer WiFi connection. At Twigby, we offer 1 GB of data for only $6 a month. Pair this with our 500 Minutes/Unlimited Text option for $11 a month and you have a great, kid-friendly plan with a total cost of $17 a month. And, you can keep complete control of just how much data your kid uses through your online account by either keeping Overage Protection On (after the 1 GB is used, data is turned off), and will reset at the start of the next bill cycle.

  1. Build your kid’s plan!

We know not everyone has the same needs. That’s why we really try to make it as easy as possible for you to design the perfect plan for you and your kids in just a few seconds.


Need an affordable and reliable phone?

No worries! We have you covered with a wide selection of affordable smartphones. The low prices make these the perfect starter phones for kids.

Head to our phone shop page and begin browsing for the right phone for your kid. Currently, we have three phones available for under $50 and seven smartphones for less than $100.

How can I keep my kid safe on their phone?

We’ve put together a selection of apps for parents and kids on our updated apps page that can help you ensure your kid remains safe and responsible on their phone at all times. Screentime apps are designed to help limit the amount of time spent on a phone. Safe browsing apps are designed to block your kid from viewing or accessing inappropriate websites/content. Additionally we offer some recommendations for GPS tracking apps which are designed to give parents peace of mind knowing where their kids are at all times.

We recommend this page as a great place to start finding the apps that can help protect your kid while using their phone. But, you can also find a great selection of apps for both Android and iPhone that are safe for kids to use with their smartphone on The Common Sense Media team has write a plethora of app reviews that score apps based on their safety, adult-concepts, and more. This is another great place to start when searching for the right apps to install on your kid’s phone, if any.

Twigby plans are the best fit for kids and tweens.

Twigby service plans suit many walks of life, especially the ones that understand that getting the most value for their money is a pretty good thing.  Even more, everything about our wireless service has been created to meet the needs and concerns of a value-seeking shopper. Because of our low plan prices, incomparable network and wide selection of affordable phone offerings, we believe that Twigby is a great choice for your kid’s first phone. Don’t take our word for it though, check out our reviews page to see what others are saying about our service for their kids.


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