Avoiding Overages Is Simpler Than You May Think

Keep Overages At Bay

Overages can be the worst kind of surprise. You assume you’ve stayed within your limits, but then your cell phone bill arrives and tells a different story. Many of us have experienced it to some degree, and we’re willing to bet that everyone would rather never experience it again.

How do you avoid overages? If you are locked into a contract, it is a little more difficult, however there are some simple steps you can take to reduce the chance of stepping over that line. If you are looking for a more flexible cell phone service, Twigby puts the power to control data in your hands like no other phone carrier.

Use Wi-Fi as primary online connection

Whenever possible, use WiFi. This allows you to cache (or capture) the data when on WiFi for your use later. There are several popular apps that allow offline streaming, such as Spotify. Also do your downloading on WiFi. You can even pre-cache Google Maps if you know you are going to need navigation. WiFi is the best way to reduce the risk of data overages for sure.

Know your online habitsavoid overages

Your online habits are one way your data usage is determined. Are you a YouTuber, weather addict, or gamer? Do you just temp check email or read the headlines? Each of these activities requires a different level of data. Check out this handy tool to help you figure out what uses the most data. You may need to adjust your habits, or at the least, change how or where you use the most data. For example, downloading apps or uploading photos is a data-heavy activity. You can eat up 300-400MB a day just by uploading a dozen high resolution photos! These types of data-heavy activities should always be left to go over a WiFi signal.

Check your current plan

Most of us don’t have or need unlimited data. You do need to be aware of what the limits are on your particular plan. One great reason you may want to consider switching to Twigby is we are the only carrier that offers Overage Protection for Free. With Twigby Overage Protection, you get the option to disallow overages from even happening. This handy tool will always keep you in control of your data and your budget!

Reduce hidden data use within your phone

Other than your online habits, there is one other major way to reduce data, and that is to tweak the background data. In other words, there is a lot going on behind the scenes on your phone, and it also soaks up data.

What can you do to minimize the automatic functions on your cell phone?

  • Restrict app updates to WiFi – check your settings to ensure that all updates happen on someone else’s data

Take the Wheel

Ultimately, your data usage is up to you to monitor and adjust. If you are looking for ways to be active in this process:

  • Let a third-party app manage your data use for you.
  • You can also install a data kill switch, like Data ON-OFF
  • Install a less data-hungry browser
  • Reduce ads by purchasing apps outright or by installing an Ad blocker

No one wants to play the fool. There are lots of ways to control your data usage and stay within limits. With Twigby Overage Protection,  you simply click one button, and all overages are blocked. Now, that’s what we call an easy fix.

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