5 Things to Know About Twigby’s Customer Service

Customer Service on Laptop

No one likes when they take the time to contact a company for customer support and they are left with trying to weave their way through a vast amount of automated prompts. Why does it have to be so hard to just get an answer to a question? However, it unfortunately seems to be something that people have come to expect. We do things differently with Twigby customer service.

At Twigby, we truly do focus on putting our customers first. Most seem pleasantly surprised to come across a company that treats them with respect and values their time. When you contact us, we want to simply answer any questions that you may have about Twigby, whether that be about our plans, phones, features or coverage.

We know that each customer’s situation is different. Our focus is to determine the needs of that person. One person may need one line, or another could have a family of five. One person may want only talk and text while another likes to surf the web.

We see customer service as the support we offer our customers before, during and after they switch to Twigby. We strive to provide excellent support not only in the beginning but once you are a customer as well. In a recent survey, we asked customers why they love their service at Twigby. Below are five reasons customers love their Twigby service.

  1. “When I contacted customer service, the various folks that I spoke with seemed friendly and knowledgeable. Those are the characteristics that make for a great experience.”Lewis O. from North Carolina
  2. “I was impressed with the response and thorough answers during a chat session BEFORE buying. My wife needed a new phone, and all her questions were answered completely. We both felt comfortable moving forward.”Doug W. from Arizona
  3. “The low monthly price made my eyes pop, but the raved-about customer experience made me finally make the switch.”Kalyca S. from Virginia
  4. Twigby had the best price for monthly data and the cost of the phone was perfect for my budget. Then I discovered unprecedented customer service. I received immediate help and reasonable answers from Twigby reps.” – Alan H. from Florida
  5. “Answered my questions and helped me learn new things about my new phone which was a bit different than my old one. They were very patient with me and clearly explained things.” Valerie G. from New York

We use online chat as our sole way to support our customers. This approach allows us to help a lot more customers at a time, which leads to us answering customer questions much faster which then allows them to get back to their day. When you chat with us at Twigby, you will be connected with a person in the United States – no artificial intelligence here and no language barriers either. Our customer support team often gets asked if they are a real person in chat. Some will even follow up with a second “common knowledge” question just to make sure they get a response. Unlike some other phone providers, there are no robot chat reps here!

If you have been thinking of switching mobile carriers to save a lot a money without sacrificing coverage, we make it very easy. The website will walk you through the process step-by-step. However, if you do have questions, we will be ready to answer those in chat. Plus, we offer a 30-day guarantee. We look forward to chatting with you. We are only a couple of clicks away!

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