Twigby Mobile’s Customer Service: 5 Things to Know About it

No one likes it when they take the time to contact a company for customer support and they are left trying to weave their way through a vast number of automated prompts or are placed in a long never-ending hold queue. Why does it have to be so hard to get your questions answered? However, it unfortunately seems to be something that people have come to expect. We do things very different with Twigby Mobile customer service.

Why Our Support has a 98.6% Satisfaction Rating

At Twigby Mobile, we truly do focus on putting our customers first. Most seem pleasantly surprised to come across a company that not only treats them with respect but also values their time. When you contact us, we want to simply answer any questions that you may have about Twigby, whether that be about our plans, your phone, features, coverage, or account questions.

We know that each customer’s situation is different. Our focus is to determine the needs of that person. We understand that one person may need one line, or another could have a family of five. One person may only need talk and text while another will need some data.

We see customer service as the support we offer our customers before, during and after they switch to Twigby Mobile. We strive to provide excellent support not only in the beginning but when you are a customer as well.

No Runaround Here

One of the ways we provide excellent support is that we value your time. We don’t transfer you around and waste your time here at Twigby Mobile. Our entire support team is knowledgeable and can quickly and efficiently answer any question or solve your problems. Typically, handing you off to different reps or departments is unnecessary . Don’t just take our word for it, here is what Rachel has to say!

Real People

We exclusively use live online chat to support our customers. This approach allows us to efficiently help a lot more customers at a time, which lets us help more people at once. Chatting with us at Twigby Mobile, ensures you will connect with a person, that works directly for Twigby Mobile here in the United States – no artificial intelligence or off-shore support. Our customer support team often gets asked if they are a real person in chat which shows just how unexpected our 100% U.S. based human reps are.

Unlike some other phone providers, at Twigby Mobile you aren’t immediately talking to a robot chat rep here! It can be annoying and frustrating when you have a hard to explain question and you can’t type out your situation, but instead you are forced to select prompts to get an answer. Even worse is that some companies make it nearly impossible to select the correct box or type the right phrase to allow you to talk to a human. When you finally get the option to speak with an agent, at that point you have been chatting for several minutes and will spend several more minutes waiting in a queue. At Twigby, you will never have to deal with this situation during our customer support hours.

Here at Twigby Mobile, expect humans 7 days a week. The only times that we have automated prompts are after hours. Instead of waiting until the next morning to chat, we have an automated chatbot that can answer frequently asked questions. Plus, you can ask to leave a message for a human, and we will get back to you once we open the next day!

Expert Knowledge

Since we rely on U.S. based human support reps here at Twigby Mobile, we can help you figure out what is wrong in a matter of minutes. Sometimes you know something is wrong with your phone or service, but you don’t understand why or what could have happened. Our support reps have seen it all and can help you diagnose and troubleshoot your issue instantly. Andy was able to help Summer in no time!

Assist and Guide

Although having access to an easy-to-use website and app that allows updates to your account and plans instantly is great, we understand that sometimes additional help may be needed. Instead of telling you how to make a change to your account and sending you off, our support team will place orders and make changes themselves on your behalf. No request is too small! Plus, we will have you up and ready in no time, like David says.

Customer Service is a Piece of the Puzzle

Customer service is just part of the reason why Twigby Mobile stands out to our customers. In addition to amazing customer service, we also have great service, a great website, and last but not least amazing prices. We are confident in our service, and that is why our customer service team shows up every day with a great attitude. That is why our customers love us and why we have a 4.5-star rating on Google and Trustpilot while the mega cell phone companies ratings average around 2.8. Here is what Lisa has to say about Twigby.


If you have been thinking of switching mobile carriers to save a lot of money without sacrificing coverage, we make it very easy.

First, you simply create an account here. From there, our website will walk you through the rest step by step.

However, if you do have questions, we will be ready to answer those for you with our live U.S. based agents. Plus, we offer a 30-day guarantee. Our customer service team looks forward to chatting with you. We are only a couple of clicks away!