See What Your Family Could Save with Twigby Cell Phone Service

We are seeing some big savings when families make the switch to Twigby so far in 2018. How much exactly are they saving? On average, families could save $60.49 each month. That’s over $700 per year! What could you save on cell phone service every month by switching from your current carrier? Here are just a few:

  • Verizon – $86.33
  • AT&T – $80.79
  • Sprint – $79.22

Imagine how much your family could save on cell phone service when you switch to Twigby and what you could do with that extra money each month! 

How to Use the Twigby Savings Calculator

The first step to finding your savings is to use the Twigby Savings Calculator. Simply select how many lines your family will need. Next, choose your current provider. Then, you’ll see bars correlating with the amount of lines you selected. For each family member, use the slider to estimate how many minutes and how much data he or she typically uses in a month. This will help determine which of Twigby’s plans will be the best fit for each specific line. After that, you’ll enter the cost of your current bill and click the orange “Calculate” button to see your results!

How to Read Your Results

Calculator-IconAfter the Savings Calculator works its magic, you’ll get your results. This will show you how much your family can save each month by switching to Twigby. Even better, you will see how much your family can save in a year.

Below that, you will get a more detailed look at which Twigby plan would be the closest fit for each person. For example, if one line’s use is estimated at 300 minutes per month and 1.5 GB, that line would be matched with the plan made of 500 minutes and 2GB. Or as always, you can start at our lower plan options and only move up if you need to. Lastly, you’ll see your family’s total bill amount for all lines put together.

Next Steps to Save with Twigby

After calculating how much your family will save, the next step is to sign up with Twigby! The process is simple. Our website will walk you through the steps to signing up one-by-one. Start with your family’s primary line and select if you’re shopping for a new phone or if you are bringing your own phone. Then, select if you will be transferring your current phone number or getting a new one. Repeat this step for each member of your family. Finally, just select the starting plans for each of your family members’ individual needs, and you’re all set!

The best part of our simple sign up process is how easily you can access help if you need it. On every single page as you go through the steps, you will see an orange “Chat Now” button at the bottom of the page. Using this will let you quickly access live chat with our highly-rated customer support team that is on stand-by and ready to help you make the switch.

Why Twigby?

Switching your family to Twigby has many perks in addition to how much you will save on cell phone service each month. Your family will be covered by the nation’s largest and most reliable network.


We provide a super simple, easy-to-use Self Care. This is where you can access your family’s online account. In Self Care, you can customize each family member’s individual plan to fit their every need. You can change each plan amount, limit data speeds, turn Overage Protection on (this is a FREE feature), and many more options. Additionally, with our Self Care app, you can do all this on the go! Read more about Self Care in our blog!

Referral-Icon-140x140-9-16In addition to all of this, Twigby customers get rewarded when their friends sign up for Twigby! For every friend you refer, you will also get a bonus thanks to our Referral Rewards program! To top it all off, we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You have 30 days to try out Twigby, and if you aren’t 100% satisfied, the cost of your plan and your phone (if one was purchased directly from Twigby) will be refunded.

The Savings Calculator has quite a bit of insightful information, so what are you waiting for?



*All savings averages are based upon entries to the Twigby Savings Calculator with 3-5 lines. Savings listed are only estimations and not a guarantee of actual savings.