Are you in the market for a new phone?

You don’t have to buy an expensive smartphone to get great features.

Until recently, you needed to spend hundreds of dollars and be locked into a lengthy contract to get a decent smartphone at a good price. At Twigby, we carry affordable smartphones that have all the latest features you could ever want when looking for a new phone – without the contracts or activation fees.

And the best part? Smartphones have become very easy-to-use, even for the first timer.
Almost all offer one-click access to email, messaging, news, weather, turn-by-turn directions, photos, and access to your favorite social sites like Facebook.

Customer-Satisfaction-Graphic-140x140-6-18At Twigby, you have a lot of great options to choose from. Plus, we back our service with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. And you don’t have to sign a contract!

Key features to consider:

Screen Size
Since smartphones are used for various purposes, a big screen may be desired on your new phone. Choose a smartphone with a large screen for a comfortable viewing experience. However, do consider that the larger the screen, the bigger the phone will be. Larger phones are harder to fit in your pocket as well as protect from breaking. The bigger they are, the harder they fall!

Since most of us are in the habit of going for a quick trip or outing, a smartphone with a camera and flash is a must-have. You never know when you can snap a happy memory that will last a lifetime! So, choose a smartphone with the right amount of MP (megapixels). Remember, the more MP, the clearer your photos will be. We suggest 2MP as the minimum for quality photos.

Internal memory size
A smartphone’s internal memory size is very important, because it will enable you to store photos, music, messages and videos. However, storing these in the internal memory will usually take up a lot of space and this is where the need for external memory storage arises. Make sure to choose a smartphone that has an external memory slot. You can buy a 16GB card for under $10 dollars at most stores. This way, you have the storage you need at a price you can afford.


Still not sure which one to choose? Chat with one of our friendly cell phone experts. Our customer service personnel know these phones inside and out and will be happy to walk you through each new phone to find the best one for your needs.