Bring Your Own Phone to Twigby

Can you BYOD?

You know you need better cell phone service, one that doesn’t bind you to a contract or charge you for services you don’t need. The idea of consistently saving money also appeals to you, but you aren’t ready to give up your current phone. Can you bring your own phone when you sign up for services? You won’t know the answer until you enter your MEID to check if your phone is compatible.

Is your phone compatible?

What is your phone’s MEID number? It is your Mobile Equipment Identifier and it is kind of like your phone’s driver license. Some older phones use the ESN (electronic serial number) instead of an MEID. At Twigby, we can activate your phone whether it uses an MEID or an ESN.

Finding Your MEIDphone-compatible

  • In your phone’s “Settings”

Menus can vary, but here are some of the most common ways to access your number:

  1. Android: Go to Settings > More > About Device > Status – use IMEI or MEID DEC or HEX
  2. Alternate Android: Go to Settings > About > Device Info – Use IMEI or MEID DEC or HEX
  3. iPhone: Go to Settings > General > About > MEID
  • Check the box
  1. Many phones list the MEID or IMEI or DEC or HEX on the side of the box with a sticker.
  • Check under the battery
  1. Remove the battery and locate the MEID inside the battery compartment.*
  2. It may also be labeled as DEC or HEX; you can use either one.

*Some phones may not have removable batteries.

Which kinds of phones are compatible in general?

Twigby allows you to bring your compatible phone when you sign up for our flexible service.  Twigby uses the nation’s largest and most reliable network, giving our customers access to quality connections, while removing the high costs. It turns out you really can have it all…a phone you love and a cell phone company that helps you save every month.