Get 25% Off Your First 6 Months With Twigby!

Twigby is offering special plan prices for newly activated phones.

We are excited to announce a special promotion where anyone signing up for our value-leading cell phone service will receive 25% off six months of service. An example of the savings: 300 minutes and unlimited global texting for only $6.75 (normally $9 per month) or unlimited talk and text plus 2GB of data for only $17.25 (which also includes Unlimited Global Texting). This is normally $23 per month. Since Twigby allows customers to create their own plan, there are many different ways to save!


Welcome to Twigby

We started Twigby to show that there was a better way to both drastically lower prices and deliver a better experience. With this latest offer, we are welcoming value-conscious consumers to see for themselves. It is at no risk with our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. Our #1 focus is to be customer-centered. This principle guides us on how we can best meet the needs and wants of the value-seeking shopper. We do not have contracts or expensive phone financing, but rather, we earn our customers’ loyalty every single day with the value and experience we provide.

We want to make it easy for consumers that are fed up in paying outrageous prices to cancel their overpriced cell phone service while still getting quality service on TWO of the nation’s largest networks. This makes it possible to stay connected whenever you go. And with six months of discounted service, you will instantly put money back into your wallet to use on more important things.

Promotion Details

  • Create a Twigby account
  • Either order a Twigby phone or SIM card or activate a compatible phone.
  • Activate service to get 25% off your monthly service for your first six bill cycles. (Taxes and standard telecom charges not included.)
  • The promotion is only valid on new customer accounts or a new line on an existing account. Limit of five (5) discounts per account.
  • At any time, customers can change their plan. And with Twigby’s FREE Overage Protection, your bill will never increase if you don’t want it to.

What Others Think

Twigby has developed a very loyal customer following and has had much recognition from industry experts such as PC Magazine, Clark Howard, WhistleOut, BestMVNO, The Penny Hoarder, and more. Our most recent customer satisfaction rating sits at 98%, well above the industry average.


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Twigby Reviews: Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Support & Service

At Twigby, we have a short, but meaningful belief when it comes to taking care of our customers:

“Customer service is our first and second priority.”

With this belief in mind, we head into each day with the desire to make sure our customers are as happy as they can be with their Twigby service, and to also make sure that anyone visiting the Twigby website or thinking about making the switch to Twigby is treated just like they would be If they were already a customer.

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No Contract Cell Phone Plans Including Free Overage Protection – Only At Twigby

At Twigby, we tend to do things differently. Not because we go out of our way to be different, but because we’ve been built on the idea that there are many missing pieces in making cell phone service the best it can be. And, we want to include these pieces to make our cell phone service as customer-friendly and intuitive as possible. That’s why we offer no contract cell phone plans with absolutely free overage protection, giving our customers more peace of mind knowing that they have the option to never be charged more than their initial plan selection. Surprises can be great, but surprises on your cell phone bill-not so much. Read on to see how Twigby is eliminating overage charges.

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Prepaid Cell Phone Plans: Why You Should Consider Ditching Your Postpaid Plan

Saving more money each month is a goal shared among many Americans. With costs continuing to rise across many industries and services, it can be difficult to keep up with the continually rising cost of living. However, there are options out there to help you cut your bills and keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket – especially right here at Twigby. One of the quickest and easiest ways is by ditching your cell phone carrier and opting in for customer-friendly prepaid cell phone plans. At Twigby, we not only provide prepaid cell phone plan options, but we let you build your own prepaid cell phone plan, giving you total control of your cell phone bill.

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Feature Phone vs Smartphone. Which is the right choice?

Although the tides of cell phone ownership officially changed in 2013 when smartphones officially passed feature phones worldwide for the first time, the benefits of feature phones are still in demand for many cell phone shoppers. Additionally, we’ve found that many cell phone shoppers still ask themselves the question – Feature phone vs smartphone. Which is right for me?

Well, the good news is that Twigby has you covered. We provide affordable phone options for those looking for feature phones and those looking for smartphones. This post presents the benefits of each to help you make the decision that is best for your needs.

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iPhone users rejoice! The Twigby Self Care App is now available on Apple’s App Store

As part of our ongoing commitment to create the best possible experience for our customers, we’ve been hard at work developing our Twigby Self Care App for smartphones and tablets, making it even easier to login to your Twigby account and view your present and past bills, check out your current usage, and much more. Now, we are proud to say that the Twigby Self Care App is not only available for Android users in the Google Play Store, but also available for iPhone users on the App Store!

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