Twigby Customers Now Have Access to an Expanded Selection of Phones

Introducing NewPhoneMall – A Twigby Authorized Phone Retailer

Cell phones continue to evolve at a rapid pace. From smart to simple, there’s just so many to choose from. With all these choices comes a bit of complexity into understanding which phones will work with which service provider. At Twigby, we strive to offer as many options as we feasibly can to give our customers what they want when it comes to the phone they want to use with our service.

We offer phones within our phone store, as well as let customers use their current phones if compatible. Yet, we have had customers looking for phones we do not offer. To help solve this, we thought outside the box and are happy to announce our latest option to purchase a phone with Twigby – NewPhoneMall – an authorized phone retailer.

What is a Twigby Authorized Phone Retailer?

A Twigby Authorized Phone Retailer is a company that has been significantly vetted and reviewed by Twigby to meet all criteria to be approved to provide phones to our customers. Each phone purchased from an authorized retailer will include a valid Twigby SIM card and instructions on how to easily activate the phone, transfer your number, replace an existing phone, etc… making it a simple and smooth process. Since you are purchasing the phone from an authorized retailer, you will receive order confirmations, shipping details, and your order directly from NewPhoneMall and not Twigby. For any questions on your order, you would work directly with NewPhoneMall.

Why would we have an authorized phone retailer program?

We do our best to offer a wide variety of feature rich, value priced phones within our own phone store. However, from time to time, a customer may be looking for a phone with features that we do not carry. When this happened, we would do our best to steer the customer in the right direction on where to purchase a phone that would be compatible with our service. The sticking point always came down to that it was hard to guarantee compatibility with our service unless the phone was checked within our compatibility tool on our Bring Your Own Phone Page. This was the only way to “almost” assure that a phone not purchased directly from Twigby would be compatible with our service. We say “almost” because the phone must also be unlocked, meaning not locked to only be used with another carrier. The compatibility tool is not given the details from the carrier to know if the phone is locked or not.

With NewPhoneMall, all phones are compatible and unlocked for use with Twigby service. Unlike any other store you may look to buy a phone from, only NewPhoneMall will fully guarantee that each phone on their website will work with Twigby or your money back. This is an added plus for peace of mind in making a purchase.

How to activate a phone from NewPhoneMall

Getting started with your phone from NewPhoneMall has been made very easy. Each phone purchase will include an envelope with instructions to activate. Steps take less than 5 minutes to complete. If you are a new customer and want to keep your current number, you can transfer it to Twigby during the activation steps. Also, within the envelope will be a Twigby SIM Card. With this, you will have everything you need to starting using your NewPhoneMall phone purchase the same day you receive it.

We hope that the addition of our Authorized Phone Retailer program helps all current and future Twigby customers find the exact phone they are looking for. If you have any questions about starting service with Twigby, live chat agents are available from 7am – 9pm CST Monday through Friday and from 10am – 6pm CST Saturday through Sunday.

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