The Most Affordable Way to Protect Your Phone from Life’s Mishaps

We have great news… We are excited to announce a new partnership with Upsie, the most affordable phone protection plan! Rather than Twigby managing a phone protection plan, you get to work with the best, Upsie. Upsie offers the same coverage as other companies that provide phone protection plans but with a price tag that makes sense. Protecting your phone, Upsie covers accidents and manufacturer defects such as: cracked screens, liquid damage, battery failure, power failure, touch screen failure, camera failure, headphone jack failure, audio failure, Wi-Fi failure, and Bluetooth failure. You can rely on Upsie for an affordable protection plan.

How Upsie Works

Purchase a Phone Protection Plan from Upsie

Not only is Upsie affordable, but they provide protection plans for all smartphones! It only costs $9.99 a month to protect your phone through Upsie and you can cancel at any time. Any phone of any age can be covered by Upsie as long as it isn’t already broken in any way. Plus, the deductible for cracked screens is $0!

Your Phone is Protected by Upsie

Your phone is now protected! To make a claim, you must have had coverage for 90 days or if you have the receipt from the prior 30 days to prove you just bought the phone (new or certified), it is immediately eligible for coverage. You would simply upload your receipt into Upsie when you activate your plan. You can file a claim in your Upsie account or by calling Upsie’s claims center. They will review your claim and let you know if it’s covered. After the claim is approved, they will charge you a deductible (if applicable) and give you a few repair options. They will either locate a certified repair shop near you, have you ship it to Upsie’s repair center, or get you a replacement.

Upsie makes it extremely easy and affordable to have a protection plan for your phone. Accidents happen, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Don’t overpay for a reliable phone protection plan when Upsie has the lowest prices and deductibles. For any questions, please reach out to the pros directly at Upsie.

Plus, get an exclusive offer just for Twigby customers! Use promo code TWIGBY to get $5 off the first month of an Upsie phone protection subscription and 10% off all other Upsie warranties.

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