A Kids Cell Phone That Could be a Better Choice Than a Kids Smartwatch


Kids smartwatches are usually an alternative for kids when the parent feels that their child is not ready for their first cell phone just yet. When thinking of a kids cell phone, simplicity is key. Many parents would prefer their kid’s first phone to be something basic that has the ability to call and text, that’s it. No access to the internet, simply basic communication. If there are parental controls, that’s the cherry on top. However, many parents are not aware that a phone such as this exists. A basic cell phone with built in parental controls, that could be just what they were looking for as a starter phone for their child.

Why aren’t kids smartwatches ideal?

For starters, kids smartwatches are very pricey especially when they can be easily destroyed by spills, stumbles, etc. Prices get as high as $199. Kids smartwatches are also limited to how many phone numbers they can be in contact with. For example, some watches only allow parents to pick up to 10 phone numbers that can be in contact. Safety can be a concern when it comes to kids smartwatches too. When using the watch for voice calling, the conversation is on speaker the entire time. Surrounding people can easily hear and eavesdrop on the conversation if they wanted to. Some smartwatches are also vulnerable to being hacked. The watch being hacked can allow strangers to track the child and even communicate with them without parents’ knowing.

A Basic Starter Phone with Parental Controls

The Alcatel Cinch is the perfect kids cell phone that has many advantages over kids smartwatches and other similar devices that do not have the simple capabilities of a cell phone. It’s small size and simple, built-in parental controls are ideal for a kids first cell phone. The Alcatel Cinch is also nowhere near as pricey as kids smartwatches. Check out our phone shop to see how much you can save on the Alcatel Cinch. This is a simple cell phone with texting and calling capabilities. It does not have a camera or a web browser. It also does not support picture message, a very basic talk and text phone.

Yet, the built-in parental controls for calling gives the parent two options for call restrictions. The parent can either choose “Allowed” or “All contacts”. “Allowed” will let the parent select numbers from the phone’s contact list that are able to call the phone. “All contacts” will let all of the numbers in the phone’s contact list to call the phone. Additionally, the phone will be able to make a call to 911 although it is not programmed into the contact list.

As for text messages, this setting can be ON or OFF. ON meaning the phone cannot send text messages but it can still receive text messages from any number. OFF meaning the phone can send and receive text messages to/from any number.

Location is also a control that’s built into the Alcatel Cinch. With location OFF, the phone can’t be located remotely. When location is ON, the phone can be located using triangulation which is only used by authorities. Please note that location is for emergency service tracking only (police department, first responders, etc). The location/GPS built in the Alcatel Cinch cannot be used for parents to track the location of their child.

With these parental controls, the settings are password protected. This assures the child cannot accidentally edit the restrictions that the parent has put in place. You can find more information regarding the Alcatel Cinch’s parental controls here. In addition to the built-in parental controls on the Alcatel Cinch, Twigby also provides parents easy access to simple plan usage tracking tools and custom service filters. You can turn calling, text, and data on/off from the Twigby app or from our website.

We understand that buying your child a cell phone is a serious decision that requires a lot of consideration. Now that you are familiar with the Alcatel Cinch and its built-in parental controls, we hope you feel informed on the perfect kids cell phone. Learn more about Twigby plans for Kids here.

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