Feature Phone vs Smartphone. Which is the right choice?

feature phone vs smartphone

Although the tides of cell phone ownership officially changed in 2013 when smartphones officially passed feature phones worldwide for the first time, the benefits of feature phones are still in demand for many cell phone shoppers. Additionally, we’ve found that many cell phone shoppers still ask themselves the question – Feature phone vs smartphone. Which is right for me?

Well, the good news is that Twigby has you covered. We provide affordable phone options for those looking for feature phones and those looking for smartphones. This post presents the benefits of each to help you make the decision that is best for your needs.

Feature Phones: When you should consider

Although many people think that feature phones are a thing of the past, we find that these affordable and durable flip or slider phones are still in demand, especially among parents looking to get the first cell phone for their kids, or for seniors who prefer a low-cost, functional way to stay connected. However, a feature phone can also be just right for those frugal shoppers who don’t need, or want, the abundance of features offered on a smartphone. Here are some of the main reasons why many Twigby customers consider and use feature phones:

No/Minimal internet connection.

At first glance, this may seem like a negative. But for others, this is exactly what they need. For instance, many Twigby customers are parents who love our affordable plan prices because it allows them to provide their child with their first cell phone and cell phone service. But, they prefer to keep the internet out of their hands. One way to achieve this is by purchasing them a low-cost, yet high quality flip phone.


Without those sensitive and easily damaged glass screens, feature phones tend to last a lot longer than fragile smartphones. This is the perfect solution for those who are prone to dropping their phone and do not want the added costs of replacing.

Battery life.

Still to this day, one of the main gripes about most smartphones are their short-lasting batteries. Typically, feature phones have much longer battery life than smartphones. This is because they aren’t busy running apps and browsing the internet all day, thus giving peace of mind in knowing that your phone likely has a good amount of battery and is available in emergency situations.


Last but certainly not least, feature phones are still loved by many today because of their affordability. In a new world dominated by smartphones, feature phones can be found for around $20. And, without the need for data, plans at Twigby start at just $9 a month, making them a great choice for those who are testing the waters with their children having a phone, seniors looking to save on their monthly budget, or any frugal conscious person who loves to save money.

If any of these benefits of feature phones sound ideal to you, then we recommend strongly considering one of our low-cost feature phones. Just head to our Twigby shop and you’ll find a variety of feature phones around the $20 mark.

Smartphones: When you should consider

The smartphone has become the leading device for keeping people connected to the world around them. And no, unlike the prices you will find at other companies, a smartphone doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg – or both legs.

And through Twigby, you can still get the great benefits without breaking the bank on a high cost plan from one of the big four carriers. Here are some benefits of smartphones to consider before you decide to purchase:

Access to internet and the latest apps.

Today, staying in touch can mean many things beyond just call and text. For many circles, popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are needed or preferred to stay in contact and are only available through smartphones.

GPS capability. 

Having access to GPS is often handy for people from many walks of life, even beyond point-to-point direction assistance. For instance, a GPS tracking app is a great idea for parents to install on their child’s smartphone giving the ability to always monitor their location.

Camera quality.

One of the most sought after features for many smartphone users is a great camera. This is one of the areas that smartphones have a considerable advantage to feature phones, giving the technological advancements of recent years, allowing many smartphone users to replace their digital camera altogether.

One device to handle your needs.

There was once a time when all cell phones were just another addition to the items we had to carry around in our day-to-day lives. Phone, wallet, keys, camera, MP3 player, and more. The invention of the smartphone has cleverly and efficiently consolidated these items into one handheld device.

If these smartphone benefits are what you desire, head to the Twigby phone shop and pick out an affordable smart phone from our collection.

The verdict? Grow with Twigby.

Hesitant about jumping into a smartphone purchase because you’re not sure you need all the features? Unsure if your child needs the internet at their fingertips? Are you a senior and just want to make calls at an affordable price?

Then we recommend checking out with a feature phone and staying connected for the most affordable prices in the industry. If the time ever comes when you feel you’re ready to make the switch to a smartphone, we’ve got plenty to choose from.

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