iPhone Parental Controls Just Got Easier

Has your kid been asking you for a smartphone because “everyone has one”? Believe it or not, answering that question just got easier. Apple’s iPhones have many settings that allow parents some control over their child’s phone. iPhone’s parental controls are accessed through Settings > Screen Time. Parental controls can easily be saved and not accessible by your child by putting a passcode on the controls. These include blocking in-app purchases, choosing which apps can be used, setting screen time limits, and more.

iPhone’s parental controls are available on iPhones running iOS 12 and later. Best of all, this means you won’t have to dish out the big bucks for the newest iPhone. iOS 12 and later will also be available on previous iPhone models which you can buy for a lower cost from Twigby. Below, we’ll discuss some of the great parental controls that will help you rest easy with the idea of getting an iPhone for your kid. Continue reading “iPhone Parental Controls Just Got Easier”

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